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Senior ~ Maddie

So I completely forgot that I was supposed to blog this past Monday. It is part of my weekly routine but I just got caught up with all the busy-ness of both Saturday and Sunday’s sessions. So excuse me for skipping the Monday blog and I hope that this one makes up for it. We have been focusing on engagements and weddings this year but we have booked a couple simple photo sessions like this one, Maddie’s senior shoot. Meeting her for the first time during the session was a treat! She did a last minute change of location {her grandparents farm in Enid, OK} and it turned out pretty awesome! Maddie’s the shy type but I loved every single bit of it ‘coz when she smiles, everything just seems to be brighter. Isn’t she so pretty!?

Oh and did I mention that it was windy that day?! Very, very, windy! But luckily the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful, so there was no stopping us. And I so much love the outfits that she picked out for the shoot, I would totally wear them!

She was just carefree and we took our time, even just enjoying walking and running through the grass in the setting sun. I love these photos where I felt like she was giving me some serious attitude but I could still see a slight smile from her.

What a beautiful afternoon to be just strolling around the farm and the light could not be any more prettier. Thank you Maddie for giving us the opportunity to shoot your session. Make sure to stop by her Client Site and check out the slideshow for more photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Wedding ~ Brad ♥ Amber

Happy Hump Day Friends! We have been dying to share this wedding with you all. You will quickly notice all the amazing details of this couple’s special day {feel free to pin away!}. But Brad & Amber clearly were the ones who made the day so memorable. This is one of our weddings where we simply have to let the photos speak for themselves. :)

We met at her parent’s house where she and her bridesmaid’s were getting all dolled up. I love it when the girls do it right with treats and comfy getting-ready shirts.

We woke up on the morning of Brad and Amber’s wedding and took a look out our window and saw storm clouds looming. Rain drops started to pitter-patter and I decided to call Amber to see if she had a “Plan B” since it was an outdoor wedding. She affirmatively declared “no” and that she was getting married in the woods rain or shine. Amber, you rock!

Amber picked out special necklaces and handkerchiefs as gifts for the ladies. And I can’t get over these groomsmen outfits! The boys brought their own pants, shirts, and cool suspenders but the adorable bow ties were picked up from Etsy along with the festive vests.

Amber has a daughter and Brad has a son, junior bridesmaid and groomsman respectively. How perfect is that?! They were the cutest kids ever and a pleasure to work with! Amber gifted Emma a bracelet and powder mirror and Brad gifted “Medium Brad” an engraved pocket watch. How sweet! ♥

Amber, if there was an award for amazing brides you would have gotten the gold! The rain let up at the very last minute and we took photos while water droplets fell from the tree. There are very few brides like Amber who could keep their genuine smile while wearing a Vera Wang gown from David’s Bridal in the damp woods. She looked amazing in that gown and I actually wanted to even try it on! LOL Oh I love Vera Wang! And big bows! ♥

I always think that a first glance is a sweet addition to the wedding day and Amber added her own flare by reading Brad a heartfelt letter before letting him see her. So touching and it was hard not to get teary-eyed while watching them.

I love it when the bride lets the bridesmaids buy their own dresses! These dresses were all from ModCloth and they look fun and stylish!

Brad and Amber were definitely meant to be together! Guests arrived in the woods at Woodland Park Vineyards hoping that the canopy of trees would ward off the rain and were surprised to find the sun gloriously glowing through as if from heaven! I don’t know what would be a clearer sign of their true love! And I thought it was pretty neat to see a sign language interpreter at the ceremony and reception. Amber is also an interpreter and had many deaf friends attend.

I’ve seen unique unity ceremonies but this was the first wedding where I’ve seen one involving the rings. Before the exchange of the rings, they were passed among the immediate family where blessings were bestowed upon them. I’m sure that Brad and Amber can feel their families love through their rings to this day.

I love Brad and Amber’s lovely classic white cake but I was even more amazed by their cake table exploding with cake balls and cupakes. I asked which talented baker supplied all these goodies and I found out that her sister made the cake balls and family friends made the cupcakes! I was blown away! So to all you future brides, check with your family and friends to see if you have closet bakers in your midst. :)

Some of these fabulous vintage details were provided and styled by our friend Allison at Our Vintage Love who also was a big help during Brad and Amber’s fun orchard engagement shoot. So if you need to rent anything fun and vintage or get your event styled, make sure to hit her up.

Yeah, that is Brad’s best friend, not the Mr. or Mrs. for sure! LOL We went to bed the night of Amber’s wedding with vision’s of penants and cupcakes and baby’s breath dancing in our heads but I didn’t actually realize how many fantastic details Amber planned for her wedding until putting together this blog!

Congrats Brad and Amber! We’re so glad that we were able to take your engagement photos and celebrate your wedding with you. It was wonderful meeting you and your families. Make sure to stop by their Event Page and check out the slideshow for more photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Family ~ The Yurkosky’s

Good Morning Folks! I hope you’re enjoying this beautifully warm Saturday morning {for us southern staters atleast :) }. We hung out with a fun and energetic family on an equally nice Saturday two weekends ago. I have some great photos to inspire you to get off your butt and venture out to your nearest park.

Rachael’s brother rocked out at the park with his newest love, the bass, while Rachael’s daughter Annabelle couldn’t be torn away from her colourful markers!

We first met Joel and Rachael when she asked us to take her engagement photos. It’s so wonderful seeing the blossoming of this beautiful little family. You can feel the love for sweet Annabelle. ♥

You definitely can’t fully enjoy a park on a warm spring day without a sweet little girl in a pink dress running around and laughing in the sun. I can’t get over her big doll eyes!

Motherly love…♥

For more family fun head on over to their slideshow on the Event Page. Have fun today!

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Patrick & Bridgette ~ A Pecan Orchard Engagment

Happy Friday Everyone! I’ve been so excited to share this engagement shoot with all of you that I’ve made their sneak peek my Facebook cover ever since. The funny thing is that the pecan orchard was actually a last minute decision made due to problems with our previous location but it worked out way way better! I love it when life gives you fun twists like this. Throw in a couple, madly in love, like Patrick & Bridgette and you get ooey-gooey gorgeous photos. ♥

These two have the cutest engagement story! You can tell that a boy is in love when he puts so much thought and effort into asking a girl that all important question. And I can’t think of a more thoughtful process than…a scavenger hunt! Oh goodie!

So it all started when Patrick wrote Bridgette a love letter on Valentine’s Day. While true and heartfelt, this letter was to set the stage. He followed this with a another letter a week later but wouldn’t let her open it right away. He let the suspense drag until one day he called Bridgette while she was out at dinner with friends and told her to open the letter.

These two have too much fun together! I love watching Patrick be goofy while Bridgette laughs and plays along.

This fateful letter included all the reasons that he loved her…but also pointed her to her next destination. Let me give you a quick background on this adorable couple. Their relationship has been largely characterized by stints of long distance relationship. Bridgette found herself moving around as they completed their degrees but all the while they stayed true to each other.

Now, this suspenseful letter led to a total of 5 letters and 5 locations, each representing a place when Bridgette was away from Patrick. I love it! I can’t wait for these two to get hitched next year!

Can’t get enough glowy orchard photos?! Me too! Trust me, I’ve posted more photos than normal for an e-session *grin*. And there are so many more that I wanted to post on the blog but you’ll just have to check them out in the slideshow on the Event Page. Enjoy the weekend!

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Sneak Peek: Family ~ The Yurkoskys

Happy Monday! Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted a family shoot since we’ve been so caught up in engagements and weddings lately. But we squeezed Rachael and her family in because Joel & Rachael will always have a special place in our heart as one of our earlier engaged couples. ♥ I’m so glad to see her and her family so happy with their newest member: sweet baby Annabelle.

Of course Annabelle can’t get away from her mom and dad’s sweet kisses! I love her expression! ♥ And it was great to finally meet Rachael’s talented brother and kind parents. Stop on by in two weeks to see more family fun. Enjoy your week!

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Jay & Kayla ~ A Springtime Engagement

Happy Friday! Typical of Oklahoma, the weather has been all over the place lately, lol. The weekdays tend to be sunny while the weekends tend to be crazy {figures}. But our prayers were answered and we didn’t get much more than a mist during this shoot. And the cool cloudy day set a laid-back mood for this fun engagement. Meet Jay and Kayla ♥ We started out the afternoon eating ice cream and relaxing at the university because Jay and Kayla are big fans of their Alma Mater. They both graduated with degrees in Ag Economics.

Hoping around the puddles and hiding under the trees…what a pleasant day!

Jay proposed on September 2nd, the day after his birthday. These two sweethearts had been looking at rings but Kayla never saw it coming. Kayla was finishing up the last details for a planned birthday party with friends and family over at their house. Before the majority of the guests arrived, Jay proposed right after Kayla got out of the shower. The timing ended up to be just right with friends and family able to share in the celebration of the exciting news!

Jay and Kayla are definitely animal lovers! Kayla is a coach for the university equestrian team and Jay is a pharmaceutical rep for veterinarians. Not only that but they have two live-in furry friends, Emma and Lola, who joined in the fun for some photos by the lakefront.

These two…four!…are so much fun! Don’t forget to check out the slide show on their Event Page to find more of these fun and lighthearted photos. And guess what?! We’ll be photographing Jay and Kayla’s wedding next weekend! So keep a look out for the sneak peek. We’re so excited for it’s in a gorgeous historic church! Enjoy your weekend!

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Jay & Kayla

Happy Monday! Well, we woke up Saturday morning raring to go for a fun engagement session with ice cream and dogs {sounds fun huh?!}. We flung opened the curtains to see…overcast skies, but no worries, we aren’t easily deterred from a photoshoot. The sun was just one less thing to worry about, LOL. The coolest thing is that Jay and Kayla are so laid-back and so funny! The disconcerting pitter-patter didn’t seem to bother them a bit.

We are so lucky to have awesome clients like this and as you can see we were able to at least dodge the bigger rain drops. Emma and Lola {their four-legged friends} were a blast to hang out with too. Be sure to come on back in two weeks to see their full e-session. It’ll be worth it, we promise, LOL. Have a great week!

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Brad & Amber ~ A Fun Orchard Engagement

Happy Friday Friends! Two weekends ago we met up with a cute couple for a sweet engagement shoot which started out at an old train station in town. We caught a weekend experiencing a burst of warm sunny weather. We had clear blue skies and in Oklahoma that makes for a very sunshiney engagement! But this bright sunny day never could outshine the sweet love these two have for each other. Meet Brad and Amber. ♥

We played around at the station and railroad tracks. I really enjoyed watching the way that they interact. They’re so fun and capturing their woodsy wedding in August is definitely going to be a treat! Before losing too much light we headed out to the orchard. I love how all the trees are in perfect rows. We wanted more relaxed photos for the second part of the shoot, so we rented a vintage couch, crates, books, and trinkets from Our Vintage Love. Thanks Allison for coming to the rescue! If you’re looking for cool props for your wedding make sure to give Allison a ring!

The night that Brad chose to propose was a total surprise to Amber and actually serendipitous for all four of us {Yes, Scott and I, and I’ll explain in a minute}. So, Brad and Amber have known each other for about 10 years but they’ve only actually been dating for the past five. Brad, being a classic gentleman, took Amber out to a nice restaurant in town. As they were talking in the parking lot, Brad suddenly knelt on one knee and asked Amber to marry him. Totally out of the blue. ♥ Amber was so blown away by this that she started hitting him with her purse! Oh my! She said yes of course! Brad knew that Amber wanted colour in her ring so he found her a ring with a blue diamond from Leonard’s Jewelry in town. It’s an actual blue diamond and it’s absolutely stunning! Even the bees can’t resist it’s beauty!

Now the serendipitous part…the funny thing is that Scott and I were actually at the restaurant the very same night that Brad proposed. We were taking some promotional food photos for the restaurant and we did not know them at the time. It wasn’t until we met them to talk about wedding photography that they recognized us from the restaurant. The crazy couple taking pictures of all the food, LOL. I know it’s silly but Scott and I feel like not only are Brad and Amber meant to be together but we’re meant to capture their story. ♥

One thing Brad and Amber have in common is that they like to collect records. Just like Scott too who’s a big fan of collecting 45s. The other cool thing is that Amber actually knows sign language! Isn’t that cool? I’ve always wanted to learn. The university actually contracts Amber to interpret classes for deaf students. So, I thought it would be fun if she signed a secret message to Brad {who doesn’t know sign language}. This is what she signed…

“You and Me together forever.”

They are too cute! I love these two to bunches. And I want all of Amber’s outfits! To keep the game going Brad wrote down his own secret message and then showed it to Amber. ♥

Oh, and that dog just appeared out of nowhere and I think she just liked to be petted & photographed with them and then left in a jiffy. Gosh, I had a really really hard time narrowing down the photos to post on this blog! There are so many sweet and fun photos! So you better hop over to their Event Page and check out the slideshow for the ones you missed. Believe me, it’s worth it! Have an awesome weekend!

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ David & Kelsey

Happy Monday! We had so much fun browsing through yesterday’s photos. Seriously, we had a hard time picking out just a few to share with you all. It sure helps that David & Kelsey are the most adorable couple ever! ♥ These two are obviously very happily in love and it was honestly a real pleasure taking their photos. Here’s a peek at this whimsical woodsy bicycle engagement. :)

We have so many uber-sweet photos to share of these two lovebirds. So make sure to come back in two weeks for their story and the full e-session. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week everyone!

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Brad & Amber

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was very bright and sunshiney…great weather for a fun and happy spring engagement session. :) I surely love this couple’s outfits and the energy that they brought to the shoot! Meet Brad and Amber. ♥

We snapped some photos at the railroad track around the old train station in town. Then we headed off to a blissful orchard to take more relaxed photos. Well, maybe not all relaxed, lol. I can’t help but giggle every time I look at Amber joyfully spring into the air!

And this awesome vintage couch and props wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Allison from Our Vintage Love. If you’re looking for vintage goodies for your wedding, Our Vintage Love definitely has some must-have items! We ended the day just having fun looking through Brad and Amber’s record collection. Oh and I love this last shot, they’re so sweet! ♥ Have a great week everyone! We have so many more fun photos to share! So check back in two weeks to see their full e-session.

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