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Sneak Peek: Wedding ~ Chris ♥ Kristena

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Well, I have to say that we did enjoy this weekend despite our very hectic schedule. Chris & Kristena finally got hitched! And we are thankful to be part of their big day. It seemed just like yesterday when we did their engagement session at the hangar. Boy, time really flies by so fast! Anyway, their beautiful wedding was this weekend so I thought I’d give you a little peek *wink*.

Thank God for Moms and awesome bridesmaids! They always seem to have the perfect solution for everything on the craziest (yet happiest) day! And I love Kristena’s unique Savvy Couture fabric bouquet with little trinkets on them! How pretty cool is that!? And Kristena just looked stunning in her beautiful wedding dress.

And aside from the gorgeous bride and groom, the wedding party looked pretty handsome too in their classic black suits with orange carnations and personally picked out green dresses.

I love their sweet first glance by the deck. ♥ I don’t think anything can stop these two from getting married that day, not even Oklahoma’s crazy weather. It was very cloudy, then a little sun came out, then it rained off and on, and finally just minutes before the wedding it decided to just stay cloudy with no rain.

And those score cards were for their wedding kiss! Awesome idea! The newlyweds were definitely surprised since they didn’t know about the rating scheme.

They had a s’mores dessert table, how neat! Everyone danced the night away and had so much fun!

And the day wouldn’t be complete without Kristena’s close girl friends, her Aspen coworkers. I love these girls! ♥ Thank you Courtney (lady in the far left) for being an awesome wedding coordinator! We had so much fun working with you. I can’t wait to share all the wonderful details Kristena created and included in her wedding! So be sure to come back in two weeks to check out their full story. Have a great week!

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Jeff & Emily ~ A Cozy Cabin Engagement

Hooray! Friday has finally come! And we can finally share a shoot that we’ve been falling in love with all week…a cozy cabin engagement shoot. We’re also so excited because this is our first engagement session of the year and the shoot turned out to be so much fun! Emily was actually the one to come up with the idea. While we were all brainstorming ideas on where to take photos, Emily happened to be visiting some family land. Emily described cabins filled with antiques along the shores of a drying up lake. She didn’t even have to ask for we fell in love with the idea in an instant! So, we all drove out to the land together with vintage goodness dancing in our heads, and when we got there it was…like a dream.

This past summer was extremely dry and the drought had left the lake practically dried up. It has left behind petrified looking trees shooting straight up out of the sandy mud. It was so very breathtaking but surreal…especially as the sun was setting.

Emily told Jeff that if he is ever going to propose, not to ask but just to give her a ring. She didn’t want anything big or a dramatic scene. So, one day they were having dinner at an Irish pub and Jeff pulled out a ring just as she had previously asked…and she happily took it. She admits though that she was a bit surprised since she thought he may propose on a trip they were planning. But she says that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Jeff and Emily are extremely competitive with each other and will make anything into a contest {Emily usually comes out on top}. They both enjoy trying new things and traveling. In their free time they like playing games and going to the movies. Jeff and Emily are finishing up their degrees in Economics and Bio-systems Engineering at the same university. So, not only are they fun to hang out with but they’re obviously super smart, lol.

We love this e-session so much! And there’s more photos! So be sure to check out the slideshow on their Event Page. Have a fun weekend everyone!

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Sneak Peek: Jeff & Emily ~ A Cozy Cabin Engagement

Yay it’s Monday! I know, I know, I must be crazy to be excited about a Monday but what we are excited about is this cozy cabin engagement shoot we did with Jeff & Emily. Man, I can’t even begin to describe the location! Emily took us out to land owned by her family, and to make this short I’ll just say that it’s a photographer’s dreamland. Anyway, I guess I’ll let you be the judge of that…take a peek!

The lake was a little dried up and exposed all these cool trees that used to be underwater. And since we were lakeside and kinda chilly, s’mores were a must! Sweeeet!

I love the photo of them on the paddle boat…that’s land-bound! ♥ It’s one of my favourite. And the sunset was just as lovely outside the family cabin.

Have a rockin’ week everyone! The full e-session will be up in two weeks so make sure to check back! ;)

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