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Brent ♥ Rachel | Tulsa Wedding Photography

The day started early at Beyond Salon in Tulsa with just Rachel and her Mom. It’s actually one of my favourite parts of the day. You can feel an energetic hum building in the air as the universe waits in anticipation for this very special day. But at the same time a calmness {possibly the calm before the storm, lol} where you can just enjoy the feelings surrounding the day. And it was wonderful seeing how close Rachel is with her mother. After Lindsey Donahue did a fabulous job with their hair, we left to meet up with everyone at the Dresser Mansion. Her Maggie Sottero gown was absolutely gorgeous and I love love her Tom wedges! You get both the height and comfort.

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It was so sweet that Rachel and Brent exchanged gifts before their first glance. Seeing their surprised reactions they obviously know each other so well. Along with heartfelt letters and other goodies were Tiffany earrings and bracelet for Rachel and Baseball tickets for Brent.

b&r_022_tulsa wedding photographer

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Rachel was so lucky to have such a talented group of bridesmaids. Ashley Dee Davidson did a beautiful job doing make-up for all the girls in the morning. On top of that she created all the neat chalkboard signs for the wedding. And she’s actually able to to rent the boards out to other brides. How cool!

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Now that’s a first kiss! Just kidding. Brent and Rachel are such a fun couple, even from the first moments as husband and wife. I foresee many happy years ahead for them.

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b&r_061_tulsa wedding photographer

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All the beautiful flowers and the delicious food were created by Eats and Sweets Catering. The cake was baked by Lauren Shepard of Sassy Sweets. Again, it’s one of her bridesmaid’s family owned businesses. How perfect is that!

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One of the highlights of the night was what best can be described as “the shoe game”. They took off their shoes and while sitting back to back they each exchanged one shoe with the other. They were asked questions that best describes one of them and they answered either “Brent” or “Rachel” by lifting up the corresponding person’s shoes to see how well their answers matched. It was fun to watch especially since Rachel wore a stellar pair of cowboy boots!

b&r_071_tulsa wedding photographer

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We were so excited to see Kurtis from Banks Entertainment. He always keeps the beats pumping and the party on the dance floor. And OMG this kid below was hands down the best dancer in the house! He has some killer moves. He was possibly the best dressed too, lol.

b&r_084_tulsa wedding photographer

b&r_085_tulsa wedding photographer

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Congrats Brent and Rachel! We had so much fun celebrating your happy day and meeting all the wonderful people! Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and don’t miss out on the slideshow on their Client Site. Have a lovely week everyone!

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Brent ♥ Rachel | Tulsa Wedding Photography

Time for another…sneak peek! Without hesitation I can say that last Saturday was Brent and Rachel’s day. They are obviously crazy in love but it’s like the universe paused for a bit to make it a bit more special. It rained almost every day up to the wedding. But if you are from Oklahoma you know that for an outdoor wedding in July it’s not the rain you’re worried about. All around, the day was so…pleasant. No rain, not hot, everyone had a smile, loads of laughter, crazy dancing, and so much love and support for these two. Plus I love shooting at the gorgeous Dresser Mansion. It’s always so much fun. Well I’ll just let you take a peek!

r&b_001_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_002_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_003_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_004_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_005_tulsa wedding photographer

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r&b_017_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_018_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_019_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_020_tulsa wedding photographer

r&b_021_tulsa wedding photographer

Congrats Brent and Rachel! You two are such kind, good-natured people that we are so glad to have met. Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for their full wedding post!

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Shelby & Emelie ~ A Golden Field Engagement

Happy Sunday Friends! We have a whopper of an engagement shoot to share! We knew that we would have the treat to shoot this absolutely gorgeous couple but didn’t guess the location we would finally end up with. So make sure to scroll down to the end! But not too fast…there’s alot of gems here!

Emelie allowed us to use her family’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt. As you can see this precious family heirloom has been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. I’m sure Emelie is so excited to have their names added this August!

Shelby and Emelie attended High School together and Emelie would show up at all of Shelby’s games. ♥ I can’t get enough of these high school love stories! It all started with baseball. Soon, Emelie started talking with Shelby after his games…

Shelby picked out a gorgeous engagement ring for Emelie, but Emelie’s favourite part is acutally a secret hidden diamond heart on the bottom{well, not so secret anymore, LOL}.

I have to admit that these two have the most original engagement story I’ve heard yet. Emelie had just colored her hair a darker shade and wanted to show it off. Shelby wanted to go deer hunting. So what this adorable couple did was Emelie dolled herself up and Shelby took her to his family’s farm and sat down in a blind {a hunting tent, I had to ask, I know I know…} Little does Emelie know, Shelby had a lot more up his sleeve than hunting that evening.

As the sun started to go down and with not too many deers in sight, Shelby suggested that they go up on a hill and take a look at the surrounding land. When they reached the hill, Shelby suddenly knelt on one knee. As the sun set on the land, he asked Emelie to marry him and she replied…”Are you serious?!” They sat back down, she forgot to say yes at first, but as the sun went down she affirmed her love for him and it will be happily ever after…

Shelby and Emily are a sweet and friendly couple. We’re so lucky to have met them and I’m so honoured that Emelie, who is also a photographer, chose us to take their engagement and wedding photos.

See?! I told you it was worth it to scroll to the bottom! Want to see some more photos of this gorgeous couple?! Head on over to the slideshow on the Event Page. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Tummy Rumbles: It’s All About The Details

Hello Blue Ely friends! I hope your Wednesday is awesome. ;) A few weeks ago, the write up below was posted at Stillwater’s Community Connection website. I would like to thank Sherry and Courtney for giving us the opportunity to reach out to Stillwater and share some thoughts! This is the first of several posts on her site on how to get the most out of your events and photo sessions. Read on…

As wedding photographers, we tend to notice the little things. You always hear the phrase – “it’s all about the details”. And we believe that these extra little things help make an occasion fun, unique, beautiful, and memorable for everyone. This young couple that we photographed, Josh & Judith, came up with some truly inspiring details for their wedding and we want to share some of these ideas with you.

We market ourselves as fun, vintage, and creative photographers. So, we tend to attract brides that plan their weddings with a vintage and creative feel. Also, our brides make the most of their budgets with unique do-it-yourself details. Josh and Judith married at the backyard of a beautiful 104 year-old home in Muskogee owned by Josh’s aunt, Julie. Instead of paying for an expensive venue, they took advantage of family resources, allowing them to put more money into other wedding things. So be on the lookout for a home or backyard of a family member that might work very well as a venue or reception. We love outdoor weddings. I think the combination of nature with the formality and elegance of the day is enchanting.

The first hint of the uniqueness to Judith’s wedding showed up in guest’s mailboxes a couple months before the wedding. I loved her invitations! Judith collected vintage handkerchiefs and she and her friend designed the invitation on it and had them screen printed at Stillwater Screenprinting & Embroidery. Very cool idea!

And would you believe that Whole Foods made her organic bouquet!? They did such a terrific job with the flowers! Her mom even did her own creative spin by pinning the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquet with fun brooches. So cuuuuuute!

Judith painstakingly made the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. We love DIY brides! These whimsical boutonnieres were made from old book pages and green berries. They went great with the linen suits.

How wonderful that she painted her toe nails blue for her ‘something blue’. And she also added a fun twist to the men’s wardrobe by having them wear argyle socks that were in line with her wedding colors.

The centerpieces were white ceramic vases on top of silver trays filled with arrangements consistent with the bridesmaid bouquets. She also used old book pages to wrap small simple votive candles to give the reception an extra ambiance after the sun set. For more evening lighting, there were white Japanese lanterns hanging around the reception area that were lit up beautifully.

The mismatched floral china was a fun eclectic way to bring both a vintage theme and refinement to the reception dinner. Some mismatches can surely be lovely. ♥

A popular idea that always goes over well with guests is using mason jars as glasses. But what I loved the most was how Judith tagged straws (striped in her wedding color) so that guests could label and keep track of their drinks. Oh and she even let the guests take them home too, so these jars doubled as wedding favours!

Check out her cake topper, isn’t it so adorable!? She picked out a really fun one from an Etsy store and it even matched Josh’s tie :) And she also made these mustache props. They are quite easy to make actually and brings more fun and quirkiness to the photos.

Even with all these little details, she still wanted the ceremony area to look simple and clean. But knowing Judith there’s always a little bit of a surprise. The trees in the backyard created a beautiful natural arbor but I bet the guests couldn’t help but smile when they saw the vintage chandelier hanging from the trees. It added a magical touch to the ceremony. Again, it’s these little elements that make your day unforgettable and it doesn’t need to be costly. You can rummage through your mom’s or grandparent’s old stuff, check out thrift stores, or look online for DIY projects. :)

To discover more fun wedding detail ideas make sure to explore our website and blog. ;) Happy Hump Day!

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