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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Brad & Amber

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was very bright and sunshiney…great weather for a fun and happy spring engagement session. :) I surely love this couple’s outfits and the energy that they brought to the shoot! Meet Brad and Amber. ♥

We snapped some photos at the railroad track around the old train station in town. Then we headed off to a blissful orchard to take more relaxed photos. Well, maybe not all relaxed, lol. I can’t help but giggle every time I look at Amber joyfully spring into the air!

And this awesome vintage couch and props wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Allison from Our Vintage Love. If you’re looking for vintage goodies for your wedding, Our Vintage Love definitely has some must-have items! We ended the day just having fun looking through Brad and Amber’s record collection. Oh and I love this last shot, they’re so sweet! ♥ Have a great week everyone! We have so many more fun photos to share! So check back in two weeks to see their full e-session.

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Just Because ~ Quentin & Victoria

Happy Wednesday! Due to inclement weather this past weekend, we had to move our schedule around a bit. So no photoshoot :( but no worries, we still have a fun session to share! Quentin & Victoria came to us last November to get some Just Because photos done. This is the first time to post any because they wanted them to be a surprise for their families over the holidays. Take a look!

As you can see this was in the heart of fall and all the trees were glorious. I’m so glad that Sophie and Bella, their pomeranian’s, were able to come out and play! And boy they loved it!

Kitchen utensils? Power tools?! Lol, this couple was so much fun! We always try to find something that a couple has in common and we center the photoshoot around that. This time there was a twist! The thing is that they don’t exactly share everything but for every interest or hobby one of them has, the other has a complement. They each have their own bookshelves with different types of books. One has a PC…and, yup, the other likes Macs. Victoria likes to spend time in the kitchen {she bakes the best banana bread} and Quentin spends time in the garage {his truck is his baby}. The best thing about this couple is that they encourage each other even when it’s “different”. It would be so boring anyway if two people are too much alike right!?

Quentin and Victoria have been together for 5 years and we asked them if they would share their porposal story. They have such a sweet story! Quentin has a handy man business on the side but was worried about how long it may take to save up for a nice ring. As luck would have it, he had a client that had a beautiful loose diamond. The client made him a deal, in exchange for a summer’s worth of yard work, he could have the diamond. All he needed to do was find the perfect setting. The ring is beautiful so I think they got a great deal and such a labor of love!

Quentin and Victoria have a new passion for running. And as you may expect they have simliar shoes and water bottles…matching but different.

While we were running around we came across a fallen eagle’s nest. How crazy is that!? I swear I could fit in that nest no problem…I mean it was B-I-G! Anyway, there was no sneak peek on this one so head straight on over and visit their Event Page for more sweet his & her photos. Have a great week!

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Monalisa Eating Ice Cream and the Joy of Coming Home

I almost forgot that today is Monday. Happiest Monday to all! I did get home safe last night around 10:30ish. I couldn’t say that I had the most enjoyable flights. The flight from Hong Kong to Chicago was very very bumpy. Some people even started holding hands. And I was praying. Yes, that bumpy! Then my flight from Chicago to Tulsa, OK was cancelled. So there was a long line of people trying to get into the last flight of the day {8:10 pm} and luckily we {I was traveling with my colleague} got to a reservation agent on the phone, while waiting in line, who was able to get us seats for that flight which was 4 hours later. But knowing me, I also asked that we be put on standby on another flight going to OKC, OK airport which was on the other side of Stillwater even if it seemed impossible since there were 15 other standby passengers on the list.

This is a big wall art made of toast that I saw at the K11 mall in Hong Kong. I thought it was pretty interesting plus it’s not everyday that you see Monalisa eat ice cream.

We decided to just rest and several minutes later an earlier OKC flight was boarding and I just decided to check the board to make sure that our 8:10pm flight is still on schedule. Then I checked the waiting list and then saw that my name and my colleague’s name were bumped up to #1 since I had Elite Status with the airline. Then they called our names and requested we needed to board asap. We ran as fast as we could to the gate and were able to board the 6:00pm flight. Even if our luggage was going to end in Tulsa, I really just wanted to be home. I haven’t seen Scott in a long time and I also just wanted a good night’s sleep. Anyway, that was my whole traveling home ordeal but hey as long as I got home safe that is all that matters! Have a wonderful night!

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Surround Yourself with Happy People!

Happy Wednesday! Another day. I actually got to stay at home today! By choice of course, I had some errands to make and I needed to prepare for my trip tomorrow. Yes tomorrow, and I haven’t packed yet at all. I normally am on top of everything but not packing this time – I was hoping I could spend some more time with Scott since the year just started. *bummer* But it is what it is…I got to work work work. So I am off to Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronic Show) for 2 days and then Hong Kong, then some days in China, and then some more in Hong Kong. And I even have a little time to spare at the end of the trip. So I was thinking it would be awesome if you guys could lead me to a nice photographer who would love to drink tea and chat up with me. ;) I promise I won’t bite!

Random photo here of these shoes I just recently bought for my trip. I love the vintage bows ♥

No worries, I will still be updating my blog and my Facebook page and will be stopping by to say ‘Hi’ if I’m not too exhausted. I hope you have an awesome week! And I can’t wait to come back since I get to shoot a lovely engagement session by the lake. Also I get to hang out with another photographer, Chera of Bluebird Photography, who doesn’t live too far away. Up ’til now, I actually haven’t connected or met anyone who appreciates vintage photographic style in this area. Or, well, at least someone who is willing to meet up. You know, some tend to think that it’s business-competition so being friendly is not in their books. Anyway, I am super excited to meet her! Big hugs to all of you and stay positive and surround yourself with happy people. *Huuuuuugs* And yes I will be posting a Friday blog (MWF) as usual ;) so make sure to stop by. K, time to pack, see you later!

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Christmas Time is Here!

A few more winks and Christmas will soon be here. It will be our first Christmas in our first house together. For sure we will make a cozy home here. I am wishing there will be snow falling on the ground just like the previous years, perhaps it will be more magical. But nonetheless, I am just grateful that Scott and I are healthy, happy, and together. I am thankful everyday that I have him by my side…it makes life worth living and I have someone to annoy for the rest of my life.

Uhm yeah this year it looks like we got more generous when it came to presents…we went overboard just a little bit. Pretty much everything under our tree are gifts for each other {crazy!} I swear most of the gifts I got Scott are pretty useful! I think we worked so hard this year and thought that we deserved it. Next year for sure will have a budget, no overspending! It will be fun to know if we did get some gifts that we want off our wishlist! Gifts doesn’t really matter to us. Christmas is not about gifts. For me, it is a time to be with the ones you love, sharing and spending time with them, giving them all your love, and being grateful for just being alive. Also it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and saved us. So I am thankful for that act of selfless love. I give thanks everyday for being able to live my life right next to the person I love the most. ♥

The best part of Christmas is being able to celebrate it with the family, in our case Scott + Me :) Just the two of us this year and I am hoping we could get the chance to spend Christmas in the Philippines with my family sometime. We spent it with Scott’s family last year in Vancouver. Christmas is like the biggest celebration of the year in the Philippines and it’s as festive as you can imagine it to be! Anyway, I don’t want to get all homesick now LOL So I wish you guys a happy Christmas and as the year ends may it be filled with so much love and happiness! Chris and Kristena‘s full e-session should be up on Friday so make sure not to miss it. ♥

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What’s On Your Wishlist?

So where are you guys spending your holidays!? Have you done any Christmas shopping yet!? I haven’t done much. In fact, Scott and I bought gifts for his parents yesterday and that is pretty much it. I will get to it I’m sure…just taking me a little bit. Plus it’s actually more fun doing it little by little every few days, it makes me feel like a shopaholic! So this Christmas, I am pretty stumped. I really don’t know what I want. I am already grateful that we had purchased our first home together a few months ago. So what more could I ask for!? I have a loving and supportive husband and a place to call home. Christmas after all is a time of giving love and thanks, spending time with loved ones, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. But yeah I know gifts are always fun, so Scott and I started writing a Christmas wishlist on our office cork board a few weeks ago. So this is what we have right now. I’m sure we will add up items to it up to the day before Christmas eve! ;)

And we have at least bought one item for each one. Check the crossed out ones. We bought them while shopping together…it was unavoidable, so we know one thing we’re getting. The rest of the items we want on our list, I can assure you none of us have bought hahaha :) ‘Cause we just both know we have not done any online or store shopping at all! We’ve been too busy. I even had a hard time coming up with my wish list. I could definitely tell you that I have changed. If you’ve met me before, I would have this long list of things I want for sure, like shoes…and possibly in different colors! But ever since I’ve married him, I’ve became more content and happy with what I have. And I like that very much. So how about you? What’s on your wishlist for this holiday season? I’d love to know! Take care and see you back here on Friday!

P.S. He wants that electric frying pan so when I ask him to cook dried fish or squid he can cook it outside! LOL Poor guy, frying the dried stuff really makes the house stink!

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Family ~ The Sextons

Happiest Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you guys had time to relax and enjoy. I have this fun family session to share with you and it’s a big group this time which makes it even more fun. Meet Jennifer’s family. From L to R, that’s her husband Jeff, their little Ainsley, Jennifer, her mom Clara, her dad Howard, her brother Greg, and up front is Grayson her eldest, then Kennedy. And yes you can tell how cold it is…Kennedy felt pretty cold but still all smiles!

These folks just shrugged the dreary chilly weather that day. The kids could not be anymore ecstatic and playful! Did I mention that her kids are so smart and creative!? Grayson, realizing that most of the leaves have fallen to the ground, thought he could bring back more fall-y feeling to the tree branches by using the baby’s blanket which also has leaves. Plus, since he’s a boy scout, he thinks tents are pretty cool and I agree ;)

It was wonderful that Clara and Howard were able to join the shoot. I think the kids had so much fun spending quality time with them. Jennifer and Jeff are such a sweet couple and they are so blessed to have 3 lovely kiddos.

Ainsley ran around in tippy toes and enjoyed falling on the bed of leaves. At one point she looked up to me and I know she was trying to be funny…she had a leaf in her mouth and started nibbling the stem and she liked that it was moving and tickling her face. She even ditched her shoes to enjoy whatever is left of the fall season. So cuuuuute!

We all had so much fun together that it almost felt like it was a fine sunny day. It was such a nice experience having to spend time with a bigger family given that for the most part it’s mainly just Scott and I. Anyway, don’t forget to hop on to their Event Page for more fun family photos! Tata for now and have a good week!

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Engagement ~ Patrick & Ally

Happy Friday everyone! And Oh boy! do I have the cutest engagement to share with all you friends. Not only are Patrick and Ally so sweet but they have such a romantic engagement story with a beach and sunrise and…I’m getting ahead myself already!

Okay, so this past July these two college sweethearts took a trip to Mexico with Ally’s parents to a beautiful beach resort. Patrick planned from the beginning, in cahoots with Ally’s parents, that this trip would be the perfect moment to pop the question. One morning they walked the newly combed beach enjoying the clean sea air. When Patrick saw the name of the resort written 100 yards long in the sand he knew at that instant that his engagement had to be big too! When he got a chance to quickly sneak away he sought the help of some hotel staffers.

The next morning, bright and early, Patrick got a phone call and told Ally that they needed to head over to her parent’s room. This was partly because their window faced “the right” part of the beach and partly because that’s where he was hiding the ring. All the while Ally was so confused how her parents who typically sleep in could be up so early. She just thought Patrick must have a special spa day planned or something. So off they went.

Ally, still waking up and deciding to play along with whatever Patrick was cooking up! She boldy waltzed into the room and flung open the window in the most dramatic fashion to find…written in the sand big enough for the whole world to see below with the majesty of the rising sun the words “Will You Marry Me?”. Yup a 100 yards long, big, and bold! Shocked, she turned around to find her love kneeling on one knee ♥ She said YES of course! My goodness, who could say no!?

And don’t forget to to visit their Event Page for more of their fun e-session photos! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

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Tummy Rumbles: It’s Love at First Sight

Hi Friends! How are you today!? I wanted to share something insightful about weddings. This was shared at Stillwater Community Connection, a local information hub for small businesses in town. Thanks Sherry for having me as a guest blogger. ♥

As wedding photographers, a large part of our job is planning out the different types of photos on a wedding day. Within this mixture of formal and candid pictures there is a series of photos we always encourage: first glance photos. The first glance or first look is the first time that the Bride and Groom see each other in their wedding attire on their wedding day. These photos are obviously taken just before the ceremony and somewhere where the couple can be completely alone (as the photographers we are invisible as much as possible).

Placing tradition to the side for a moment, there are several reasons why we encourage this series of photos. First, this may be the only time for the Bride and Groom to be completely alone together on their wedding day and it allows them to more fully experience the excitement of seeing each other for the first time. The ritual of the ceremony along with everyone watching can almost be overwhelming to some couples. This extra time can help bolster nerves and create a pivotal and intimate moment to talk one last time before becoming husband and wife. Second, this is actually the most ideal time for couple photos. The Bride and Groom have just finished getting ready and look their best. Also, it is much easier to allot time before the ceremony than to break away from the congratulating crowd of family and friends afterwards. Lastly, these photos are easily some of the best photos of the day. The bride and groom are genuinely anxious and excited to see each other…the smiles, and tears, and laughter are very real.

We are the ones that coordinate the whole affair. At some weddings we have picked a spot where we know there shouldn’t be any guests and at others we clearly inform everyone not to enter the area. We always have the groom wait with his back turned while the bride sneaks up behind. This gives it a more suspenseful feeling. I love to watch the groom’s anxious expression and the excited look on both their faces when the bride taps him on the shoulder.

Now you may be surprised to hear that first glance photos are quickly becoming popular and almost all of my brides agree to them. I realize that all of this flies in the face of tradition and some would even cry blasphemy at the mere thought that I would even suggest to a Bride and Groom to see each other before the ceremony! Truthfully, all I do is lay out my feelings regarding it to my clients. In the end, it is merely a suggestion and it’s ALWAYS up to the bride to make the final decisions. Some brides may be worried that first glance photos will trivialize the moment when the groom first sees her walk down the aisle. On the contrary, I believe having that alone time before the ceremony relaxes the couple and enables them to appreciate the moment more…more fully experiencing having family and friends watch you descend the aisle and be given away to your handsome husband. I think that this moment still remains equally as special but the most important thing is for the bride to be happy.

And trust me, even when the couple opts for the first glance, there will still be some butterflies and jitters in the tummy. That’s just love, excitement, and a happily ever after! ♥ To discover more wedding ideas make sure to explore our website and blog. ♥

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Engagement ~ Brian & Angelica

Happy Monday everyone! While you start making your holiday wishlists and settle down with a leftover turkey sandwich, I have a super sweet couple to share with all of you! Meet Brian and Angelica. :) They started off as classmates…then best friends…then dating…and now they’re on their way to a happily ever after. And from the way they look at each other, I can tell it’s a love that will grow each passing day.

One summer Angelica went back to Mexico too see her family. Brian saw this as the perfect opportunity to pop the question while including her family during this joyous time. Angelica toured Brian around the campus where she studied for her undergrad and she was sharing one of her favourite spots with him. As they traversed the walkway around the library Brian got down on one knee to pop the question and Angelica tried to get him to stand up since she was pretty shy and didn’t see this coming. Of course she made sure to say Yes as she convinced him to get up. Brian picked out the ring himself and he actually fell in love with it as soon as he saw it.

Angelica actually loves books but it would have been a shame being cooped up inside on a day like this. The weather was perfect for strolling around the campus pond and relaxing under the trees of library lawn. Also we had time to go to the lake and had some fun with the leaves, it’s fall after all!

We even caught a glimpse of a family of deer who seemed to be enjoying the weather just like us. And finally the sun decided to shine as it slowly set on the horizon. These two were so sweet throughout the session, I loved it! ♥

Tata for now. Make sure to visit their Event Page for more sweet e-session photos and I hope you enjoy your week!

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