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The Marvicsin Family | Stillwater Lifestyle Photography

If you follow our blog and Facebook you will notice that we limit the number of families we shoot. It’s mainly because of the time needed to give our wedding couples the attention they deserve. But when Yami called me she wouldn’t take a simple “No” LOL and I’m glad she didn’t. The fam recently moved to town from Puerto Rico and they really wanted some ‘just because’ photos. The more we talked the more I realized we have similar sensibilities and passions. They shared their love of bands like Angus and Julia which I adore and traditional Puerto Rican dishes that remind me of my own home. It was at this point that we couldn’t say “No” anymore. We took some shots and captured some everyday love and made some new friends.

marvicsin_001_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_002_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_003_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_004_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_005_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_006_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_007_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_008_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_009_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_010_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_011_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_012_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_013_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_014_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_015_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_016_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_017_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_018_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_019_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_020_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_021_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_022_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_023_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_024_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_025_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_026_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_027_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_028_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_029_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_030_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_031_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_032_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_033_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_034_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_035_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_036_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_037_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_038_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_039_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_040_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_041_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_042_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_043_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_044_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_045_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_046_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_047_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_048_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_049_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_050_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_051_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_052_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_053_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_054_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_055_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_056_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_057_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_058_stillwater lifestyle photographer

We love you guys so much! And I know we’ll run into each other more. Thank you everyone for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of your week!

marvicsin_059_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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Close to the Heart

Life has finally started slowing down here in our little world and a personal blog is long overdue. The weather has been brutal for the last few months and I’m finally seeing some sunshine here in the past few days. I have to say that my day job has been crazy with all the traveling but I’m grateful that I got to see my family last month. The 2-week visit with them surely went by so fast but hey, it’s been a very long time since us siblings have all been together at the same time. This quick iPad shot doesn’t do justice to all the happiness in that room that night.


And now I’m back home with my boys after almost a month of being gone. They are both the same crazy fellas just as I left them. I love them to pieces. Poor Scott had to keep cleaning the carpet since Mumfie enjoyed the snow too much and tends to bring in mud and wet grass.


We’ve also gotten inked starting late last year. We’ve been wanting to do it for awhile. No worries, we made sure that our tattoos are very close to our heart. People worry that you can regret it when you’re older. Well, then I guess we just won’t get older. And all I can say is that it’s kinda addictive, Lol. Stay happy! :)







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The Rodens | Stillwater Portrait Photography

As you may know we don’t take too many family sessions just because of the dynamics of booking for weddings far in advance. But we just had to find a way to squeeze in a fun session with this awesome family. Sherry and Dale are a kind and supportive couple with an entrepreneurial spirit that we can totally relate to as you can imagine. And their son Zach is such a funny energetic kid who’s always a blast to work with. Can you believe he’s only 10 years old? He’s growing up so fast! Sherry is an amazing woman who is the owner and founder of Stillwater’s Community Connection and Creating Savvy Achievers both of which help out local businesses which we love. Anyway, meet the Rodens!

roden_001_stillwater family photographer

roden_002_stillwater family photographer

roden_003_stillwater family photographer

roden_004_stillwater family photographer

roden_005_stillwater family photographer

roden_006_stillwater family photographer

roden_007_stillwater family photographer

roden_008_stillwater family photographer

roden_009_stillwater family photographer

roden_010_stillwater family photographer

roden_011_stillwater family photographer

roden_012_stillwater family photographer

roden_013_stillwater family photographer

roden_014_stillwater family photographer

And wait, there’s more! Before you go, take a quick peek at the slideshow on their Client Site for more photos. It’s almost Friday, yay! Have an awesome one!

roden_015_stillwater family photographer

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The Rodens | Stillwater Portrait Photography

We actually have one more sneak peek this week! It has definitely been a busy month for us. We have been blessed with beautiful weather and amazing clients and can’t seem to capture all the smiles and laughter that always comes with this season fast enough! Sherry and her family are some of those smiles that we definitely didn’t want to miss.

roden_003_stillwater portrait photographer

roden_001_stillwater portrait photographer

roden_002_stillwater portrait photographer

Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for more photos! ♥ Enjoy the weekend!

roden_004_stillwater portrait photographer

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The Johnstons | Stillwater Family Photography

As you know we are in the throws of Wedding season but we had some time to squeeze in a fun session with the Johnstons. Matt and Melissa are the kindest and coolest people we know and their kids, Tatum and Miles, are pretty adorable and fun to hang out with. Matt runs the local coffee shop in town, Aspen Coffee at Lakeview, which Scott and I spent lots of time at during our college days and even up to now. So if you want to get a really good cup of coffee, I’d say stop by Aspen and support your local coffee shop. So meet the Johnstons…

johnston_010_stillwater family photographer

johnston_007_stillwater family photographer

johnston_011_stillwater family photographer

johnston_013_stillwater family photographer

johnston_067_stillwater family photographer

johnston_017_stillwater family photographer

johnston_068_stillwater family photographer

johnston_018_stillwater family photographer

johnston_069_stillwater family photographer

johnston_025_stillwater family photographer

johnston_066_stillwater family photographer

johnston_034_stillwater family photographer

johnston_054_stillwater family photographer

johnston_048_stillwater family photographer

johnston_058_stillwater family photographer

johnston_056_stillwater family photographer

johnston_059_stillwater family photographer

johnston_070_stillwater family photographer

I’m glad their dog Oli, jumped into the photo and kept still for just a second. And wait, there’s more! Before you go, take a quick peek at the slideshow on their Client Site for more photos. Have an awesome weekend!

johnston_062_stillwater family photographer

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The Rosses | Stillwater Family Photography

Good Monday afternoon everyone! And today we have a fun fall family session to share! You may recognize this happy family from our past blogs. We didn’t pick up many family sessions this year since our weekends were full of engagements and weddings but we just had to fit in this great group. We’ve been following these two cuties along since they were 6 months old! They are now 2 years old and have grown up so much! They are more fun every time we meet up.

The weather was perfect as we strolled beneath the golden fall foliage. When you’re photographing 2 year olds and looking for those smiles, you just have to let them play a bit and chase them around! There was definitely lots of running around. We all got our excercise, LOL!

The Rosses are the kindest family! And Charlie and Maddie are the sweetest kids. Every time we see them they always have the most adorable outfits! Oh and they had their cool Tom shoes on too.

Boy that sure was a fun day and a wonderful way to enjoy the short fall season this year. Be sure to check out more fun photos of The Rosses in the slideshow on their Client Site. Have an awesome week!

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The Rosses | Stillwater Family Photography

Sneak peek time! And yes, it’s Monday, but no frets! The weather is beautiful and there’s no reason to not go out and have fun like this awesome family! Charlie and Maddie have been growing up so fast! I can’t believe it! We’ve photographed these adorable twins since they were just crawling but now they’re running around so full of energy.

There surely was a lot of running and chasing after these kiddos last weekend but we had so much fun anyway. Oh and I love kid’s curiosity…who knows one of them might take up photography in the future. Make sure you enjoy this fall weather and stop back soon to see the full fun family session!

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Baby ~ Molly

Happy Tuesday friends! We’ve been so busy lately that we missed out on blogging yesterday. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I decided to share this adorable baby session we did recently. This is one of only a few baby sessions we are doing this year. Almost 6-month-old baby Molly came all the way from Washington state to visit her aunt here in Oklahoma and took the opportunity to get some photos!

Oh my gosh, she is too cute for words! ♥ And I love her outfits! Jen is such a cool mom!

I can’t stop smiling while looking at these photos! I hope that baby Molly was able to brighten your day! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

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Event ~ Henry’s 1st Birthday

Happy Mother’s Day! I have the perfect post for all you mom’s out there. If you’re not a mom you need to check this out anyway because these photos are so darn precious! Welcome to Henry’s whimsical woodsy wonderland! Celebrating his very first birthday perfectly situated amongst the trees of the park.

I almost died when I saw the bird and toadstool cupcakes! Kelli special ordered them from Cake Crazy here in town and they fit perfectly into Henry’s woodsy birthday theme. And they were delicious too! I couldn’t resist snatching a toadstool because I love Cake Crazy’s red velvet.

Fruit kabobs! Awesome idea mom. All of Henry’s favourite snacks for everyone to share were placed among his forest friends. Henry’s mom and dad kept the affair close knit by inviting only close family. It made the day that much more extra special for Henry. We felt honored to be included in this milestone in Henry’s life.

Everyone got their very own mason jar for ice tea with their name. Kelli even made ones for us. Thanks again Kelli for including us in Henry’s special day! The family cut and tied each strip to make this fabulous bunting. (If you don’t know we have a special place in our hearts for bunting.) Kelli is such a creative mom!

Time to party! The table is set with an amazing spread of goodies, the multicoloured balloons are tied and the family is all here! Happy Birthday Henry!

Make a wish! Put into his birthday throne, Henry was given his very own giant lemon cupcake! Mmmmm…

It looks like Henry liked his cupcake, lol. He made sure to lick the plate clean! Time for presents! Henry’s Dad, two big brothers,and cousins came to help!

There are many firsts for Henry for his first year but I bet riding the slide by himself was on the top of his list! Weeee! And the rest of the kids played the afternoon away riding around the park. It was so much fun that even Grandpa joined in!

Worn out from sliding with mom and dad. Henry took a break and had a blast being pushed and pulled through a magical wonderland of bubbly fun.

Happy Birthday Henry! I want my next birthday party to be this fun and creative! Make sure you check out more birthday goodness in the slideshow on the Event Page. Give your Mom or the closest one available a hug today!

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Family ~ The Yurkosky’s

Good Morning Folks! I hope you’re enjoying this beautifully warm Saturday morning {for us southern staters atleast :) }. We hung out with a fun and energetic family on an equally nice Saturday two weekends ago. I have some great photos to inspire you to get off your butt and venture out to your nearest park.

Rachael’s brother rocked out at the park with his newest love, the bass, while Rachael’s daughter Annabelle couldn’t be torn away from her colourful markers!

We first met Joel and Rachael when she asked us to take her engagement photos. It’s so wonderful seeing the blossoming of this beautiful little family. You can feel the love for sweet Annabelle. ♥

You definitely can’t fully enjoy a park on a warm spring day without a sweet little girl in a pink dress running around and laughing in the sun. I can’t get over her big doll eyes!

Motherly love…♥

For more family fun head on over to their slideshow on the Event Page. Have fun today!

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