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Be in Love with your Life

Happy Friday friends! How has life been to you lately? I hope it has been kind. We definitely could use some better weather here ’cause it’s been cold and raining non-stop for the last few days. On top of that, I recently received some not-very-good news. My college roommate’s husband just past away and at the age of 34! 34!? Too young and gone too soon. So she’s now left with her little boy to move on and face the world again. I talked to her the other night and reminded her that she was a strong girl and that her husband is in a better place now. She’s thousands of miles away from me but I somehow could feel her pain. She’s the spunkiest gal I know and such a very close friend of mine. College {in the Philippines} was never boring with her around! She had so much fun and energy and charisma in her. If it’s not too much to ask, please send up some prayers for her. She needs every bit of it right now.

Life is too short indeed. So live your life! Do what you love. Take chances. Love. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try. If you fall, then get up and try again. Live in the Present. Be kind. Love yourself. Well, it’s Friday and we have a busy weekend ahead of us. I hope this Spring season brings you lots of smiles and good memories. Take care and thanks for dropping by! Think happy thoughts…

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. ~ Mae West.

happy scott

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Keeping up with The Redekopps

How is everyone? Oh gosh! I can’t remember the last time I’ve written a personal post. It seems so long ago! Wedding season just caught up with us and all the posts have been mainly about engagements and weddings lately {which we love!}. But I am so glad to be able to breathe and just write something…even if it’s random LOL. Well Scott as you know is loving his job working full-time on our photography business. I do envy him! I am still busy working as usual with my full-time day job as Project Manager for an awesome Audio company, Kicker; and I do work on our business on weeknights and weekends. It pretty much takes up our entire lives LOL. Luckily we love our jobs! We are so grateful to be a part of our client’s happiest day plus we’ve been meeting a lot of new friends lately. ;)

Also we’ve had a cracked car oil pan and some AC problems, those really cost a lot to get fixed. :( And the show that I like, The Vampire Diaries, is over for the current season. I’m pretty bummed about that and I hope they start the new one soon! We still don’t have any living room furniture but Scott found some patio furniture and decided that it was more important. He gets to sit and do work outside, lucky guy! Just recently, we’ve booked our flights and hotel to Cancun, Mexico. Yay! I can’t wait for August to come, seriously! I really think we deserve a full week’s break. I can’t wait to swim their beautiful beaches, heck, I might jump off the excursion boats and call it good. You know how much I love the sea! ♥ That pretty much sums up several weeks, but hey, I think there’s always something beautiful in every day! We just need to learn to just appreciate the small things and take life one day at a time. Happy Hump Day!

Just something to look forward to, Kristena‘s wedding, which will be posted at the end of the week.

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A So Me Dress and Fun Favours

Happy Friday friends! Well, were gearing up for an exciting weekend and a fun filled year for that matter. I got the most important thing out of the way…I found a so me dress for the Indie Bridal Fair on Sunday. ♥ You can check out a pic of it on twitter or you’ll have to stop by to see it. It’s so cute! We also got some give-a-ways for the Bridal Show…Wildflower Seeds. We wanted to give everyone something that’s very “us” and maybe it’ll help spread a little more beauty in the world. :)

We thought that Wildflower seeds are a great idea for alternative DIY wedding favours and we wanted to share that idea with everyone at the show. What do you think? Also, we have an e-session tomorrow. So make sure to stop back here on Monday to see the sneak peek. We actually met a wedding coordinator today, Emily, who is slowly making her way into into the wedding photography industry. She was so nice and pretty. We are hoping to meet some local photographers and wedding vendors this year. We’re so excited about all the new people we’ll meet this year. As you can see our weekend is looking to be pretty busy {and pretty fun!}. So, what are you doing for your wedding favours? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Spring Fever

Today didn’t start out really great for me, not because it’s a Monday{ha}! But because I had very little sleep and kept waking up every single hour through the night. Cedar or juniper pollen must have been high yesterday since my head felt fuzzy after we came back from our little fishing trip with our friends. The next thing is I needed to sleep almost sitting down since I couldn’t breathe and my sinuses hurt so much and made my throat so dry. So I skipped work and slept in some more in the morning and went to work after lunch. I did feel better. But despite the grogginess, I am really hoping Spring is just around the corner. This afternoon within 5 minutes, the weather changed from being cloudy, to raining, to hailing, then everything stopped and cleared up, then the sun was shining so bright and there was a faint rainbow in the sky. Wow! It’s only here that I am amazed by the weather change everyday, let alone in 5 minutes! Anyway, I was going to take hail photos but then I am really missing Spring so much that I had to dig through my photos from last year to cheer me up.

Yes, I am in denial. And I miss the light, the smell, the joy of springtime. I really want Spring to come soon! So I hope it could hear me or else I will break into a tribal spring dance to get all the buds blooming and the leaves sprouting! Green green green! See you on Wednesday! Have a good one!

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New Year New Look

Happiest Monday everyone! I am so excited that you dropped by. ;) What do you think about the new look of the website? I hope you like it ’cause Scott {especially} and I had been working hard to make our website all look nice and clean and easy breezy. I actually love the INFO page the most! It’s neat how it transformed from being all so wordy to simple and outlined. So I hope you love it and enjoy checking out the different pages. And of course you know how much we love polaroids, it had to stay! Anyway, I was trying to clean up and make some space on my computer when I found some old film photos that I took almost 2 years ago. I found this one of Judith taken with my Holga.

I used to carry a film camera during our shoots but have forgotten doing that more often than not. So this year I need to make sure to do that! I love the look of film. I wish I had more time to practice shooting with film. Maybe that is something that I can do this year around Springtime. I did remember to bring my polaroid camera to the engagement shoot that I did a few weeks ago. This is a photo of Jeff & Emily that I took around twilight.

Oh and make sure to come back this week, I am actually excited to show you Jeff & Emily’s full engagement session. Tata for now!

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On Business Cards and Pinterest

Scott and I have been thinking so hard on how our new business cards should look like. I think business cards, though small, are cheap yet effective tools for your business. We’ve been discussing how to design it ever since I left for China and debated on using still photos of vintage cameras as a background to our contact information or having a camera-shaped card maybe. But we really wanted it to convey our business, straight and simple, but unique. Think think think! And then it just suddenly clicked!

With our love for Polaroids, what other way than to mimic the skinny or business card-sized polaroids {that comes out of my Polaroid 300}! And so here’s a shot of our new business card. They just arrived fresh from the printer…Tadaaa! What do you think? Has anyone done this before?

Yes, I am so delighted with this little thing but I thought it was such a genius idea. Anyway, on the other hand I have been obsessed with Pinterest! Ugh, it’s not very healthy for me since I stare and spend lots of time over there. Plus it really slows me down on my work LOL. I really think that site is awesome. And I learned some few wise words to live by or maybe silly jokes that breaks a boring day. Have fun and Happy Wednesday!

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Waiting for Saturday & A Sweet Surprise

Popping in to say Happy Friday! It’s my first week back in the States and I didn’t really feel as bad as I thought I would be. Jetlag can really suck sometimes! But I feel so energized and so excited for tomorrow. We’re having an engagement shoot with Jeff & Emily at a cabin by a lake outside of Stillwater. We’re pretty psyched ’cause it’s our first engagement shoot for the year!!! Plus it’s nice sometimes to get away from this busy town and just chillax…well we’ll be working but you know what I mean. I hope the weather will be kind to us. Oklahoma is pretty crazy sometimes! I’ve mentioned it before, if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change. How about you? What are you doing tomorrow?

A lovely journal with one of Josephine’s still photos on it and an itty bitty airmail with a lovely note ♥

So I found this in my mailbox the other day. What a sweet surprise! It’s actually from a filipino photographer based in Singapore. Remember Josephine of Josephine Sicad Photography!? I even featured her here on my blog before. She still lives in Singapore and has jumped in full time on her photography business. Awesome sauce! And she’s actually expecting! Yay! Thank you so much Josephine for the lovely gift! I adore your photos and I hope your first trimester won’t be too challenging. *Hugs* So anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and be back here on Monday ’cause I will have some sneak peek shots up of Jeff & Emily’s engagement session.

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Monalisa Eating Ice Cream and the Joy of Coming Home

I almost forgot that today is Monday. Happiest Monday to all! I did get home safe last night around 10:30ish. I couldn’t say that I had the most enjoyable flights. The flight from Hong Kong to Chicago was very very bumpy. Some people even started holding hands. And I was praying. Yes, that bumpy! Then my flight from Chicago to Tulsa, OK was cancelled. So there was a long line of people trying to get into the last flight of the day {8:10 pm} and luckily we {I was traveling with my colleague} got to a reservation agent on the phone, while waiting in line, who was able to get us seats for that flight which was 4 hours later. But knowing me, I also asked that we be put on standby on another flight going to OKC, OK airport which was on the other side of Stillwater even if it seemed impossible since there were 15 other standby passengers on the list.

This is a big wall art made of toast that I saw at the K11 mall in Hong Kong. I thought it was pretty interesting plus it’s not everyday that you see Monalisa eat ice cream.

We decided to just rest and several minutes later an earlier OKC flight was boarding and I just decided to check the board to make sure that our 8:10pm flight is still on schedule. Then I checked the waiting list and then saw that my name and my colleague’s name were bumped up to #1 since I had Elite Status with the airline. Then they called our names and requested we needed to board asap. We ran as fast as we could to the gate and were able to board the 6:00pm flight. Even if our luggage was going to end in Tulsa, I really just wanted to be home. I haven’t seen Scott in a long time and I also just wanted a good night’s sleep. Anyway, that was my whole traveling home ordeal but hey as long as I got home safe that is all that matters! Have a wonderful night!

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We Are All Travelers

Happiest Friday friends! I don’t know about you but I feel like this week went by so s-l-o-w. And finally it is time to unwind. Yay! So what are you doing today? Or this weekend? Any big plans? I have no clue yet on what I’ll be doing today really since the weather outside looks so gloomy. It’s early Saturday morning here and I’m still lying in bed right now writing this blog. Yes, I am feeling quite lazy since it is the weekend anyway. Ah the joy of doing nothing! I feel so much like this water lily I think, just taking it nice and slow to bloom.

I have lots of things that I want to do for the business this year and I am just taking my time – slowly but surely. Firstly, I want to attract more people here to my little blogosphere that’s full of ramblings of everyday life and snapshots of love from my clients. And of course, I’m always looking for ways to reach out to future clients who want a non-traditional and creative wedding or one who shares the same love for vintage things as I do. I’m figuring out my path in this industry so I can keep doing what I love to do…capture memories. ♥

Now that we are talking about paths, this song just popped into my head. It’s called Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The song of course can be interpreted in so many ways but I mainly like it for it’s simplicity and the singer’s voice. Anyway, enough rambling and I hope you enjoy your weekend! I am leaving for the US tomorrow!!! Yipee! Thank you for stopping by.

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Some Peace of Mind

So today I got to see the sunset which hardly happens when I’m working in China mind you. It’s dark mostly when I get out of the factory. But my team and I got off work earlier than usual so I had some alone time and a little bit of sunshine which was really nice. I roamed the streets for an hour then I went to just sit and relax at the Japanese garden at the hotel that I’m staying in. I love it here. I find it just so peaceful. I can think and unwind definitely. Ah it would be good to do a little bit of this everyday!

Anyway, I just made sure to drop in. I really haven’t taken too many photos lately but hopefully I could do that later this week in Hong Kong since I do have a bit of a break before I leave. I have to say I miss Facebook just because I couldn’t see what all my friends are up to. Thank God Scott helps me get this post out there on our business page too. What would I do without him!?! I hope your Wednesday is going well for you. And I hope you take even just a little bit of break at some point in your day. Trust me it works wonders. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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