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Chris & Sarah | Stillwater Engagement Photography

Happy Monday folks and don’t fret! We have an amazing e-session post to take those Monday blues away! This is one of my favourite times of the year for engagement photos because I love the glow of the November sun and you can almost feel the love in the air. We met Chris & Sarah on the OSU campus for some formal photos since Sarah is an alumni and Chris will be graduating very soon and then headed to a private lake to capture their love of the outdoors and…canoeing! So make sure you scroll to the bottom because you are in for a real treat! ♥

Chris and Sarah had known of each other for many years but their paths never properly crossed. Sarah had even gone backpacking and canoeing several times with Chris’ mom and little sister. It wasn’t until they both happened to attend National Camp School together that their fates would intertwine. They worked together for the rest of that summer at a Boy Scout camp, Sarah as the Pool Director and Chris as the Whitewater Kayaking Director, and have been inseparable ever since!

Sarah had always wanted a sapphire engagement ring and found the perfect ring one day while browsing with Chris. So she figured out he had bought the ring but Chris wanted it to be a surprise. So he hid it until he thought enough time had passed that she had forgotten about it. A few month later, Sarah was getting out of the shower and found the room aglow with candles. I’m sure she was surprised! It was at that moment that Chris asked Sarah to marry him. She said yes of course!

I can totally understand why Sarah wanted a white sapphire ring. It’s beautiful! And this next photo is my favourite! It truly shows how beautiful and carefree it was boating around that shimmering pond! ♥!

Next month these two lovebirds are actually jaunted off to Jamaica for a destination wedding! How fun! I’m a bit jealous, LOL, but I’m so happy for these two. I can tell that they are going to be so happy together!

We loved hanging out with these two because they’re so easy going and fun to shoot. ♥ Don’t miss out on more sweet photos of Chris & Sarah paddling around this golden pond. So head on over to the slideshow on their Client Site and enjoy the rest of your week {and a short one at that for our American friends!}!

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Chris & Sarah

Happy Friday friends! When I close my eyes I daydream about things like sunny days, sunsets, beaches and lush forests. There are certain things I always want to photograph and I patiently wait for the perfect couple. Lately I’ve been dreaming about a shoot with a boat. So when Chris & Sarah told me that they are lovers of the outdoors and own a canoe, it was literally a dream come true! ♥ We took some quick shots on campus and then headed out to a golden pond!

I can’t wait to share more of this adorable couple. I love the fall colours and the glow of a November sun. Be sure to stop back soon to read Chris & Sarah’s story and see the entire post. Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the weather!

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Jeff & Emily ~ A Cozy Cabin Engagement

Hooray! Friday has finally come! And we can finally share a shoot that we’ve been falling in love with all week…a cozy cabin engagement shoot. We’re also so excited because this is our first engagement session of the year and the shoot turned out to be so much fun! Emily was actually the one to come up with the idea. While we were all brainstorming ideas on where to take photos, Emily happened to be visiting some family land. Emily described cabins filled with antiques along the shores of a drying up lake. She didn’t even have to ask for we fell in love with the idea in an instant! So, we all drove out to the land together with vintage goodness dancing in our heads, and when we got there it was…like a dream.

This past summer was extremely dry and the drought had left the lake practically dried up. It has left behind petrified looking trees shooting straight up out of the sandy mud. It was so very breathtaking but surreal…especially as the sun was setting.

Emily told Jeff that if he is ever going to propose, not to ask but just to give her a ring. She didn’t want anything big or a dramatic scene. So, one day they were having dinner at an Irish pub and Jeff pulled out a ring just as she had previously asked…and she happily took it. She admits though that she was a bit surprised since she thought he may propose on a trip they were planning. But she says that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Jeff and Emily are extremely competitive with each other and will make anything into a contest {Emily usually comes out on top}. They both enjoy trying new things and traveling. In their free time they like playing games and going to the movies. Jeff and Emily are finishing up their degrees in Economics and Bio-systems Engineering at the same university. So, not only are they fun to hang out with but they’re obviously super smart, lol.

We love this e-session so much! And there’s more photos! So be sure to check out the slideshow on their Event Page. Have a fun weekend everyone!

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Sneak Peek: Jeff & Emily ~ A Cozy Cabin Engagement

Yay it’s Monday! I know, I know, I must be crazy to be excited about a Monday but what we are excited about is this cozy cabin engagement shoot we did with Jeff & Emily. Man, I can’t even begin to describe the location! Emily took us out to land owned by her family, and to make this short I’ll just say that it’s a photographer’s dreamland. Anyway, I guess I’ll let you be the judge of that…take a peek!

The lake was a little dried up and exposed all these cool trees that used to be underwater. And since we were lakeside and kinda chilly, s’mores were a must! Sweeeet!

I love the photo of them on the paddle boat…that’s land-bound! ♥ It’s one of my favourite. And the sunset was just as lovely outside the family cabin.

Have a rockin’ week everyone! The full e-session will be up in two weeks so make sure to check back! ;)

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