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Senior ~ Maddie

So I completely forgot that I was supposed to blog this past Monday. It is part of my weekly routine but I just got caught up with all the busy-ness of both Saturday and Sunday’s sessions. So excuse me for skipping the Monday blog and I hope that this one makes up for it. We have been focusing on engagements and weddings this year but we have booked a couple simple photo sessions like this one, Maddie’s senior shoot. Meeting her for the first time during the session was a treat! She did a last minute change of location {her grandparents farm in Enid, OK} and it turned out pretty awesome! Maddie’s the shy type but I loved every single bit of it ‘coz when she smiles, everything just seems to be brighter. Isn’t she so pretty!?

Oh and did I mention that it was windy that day?! Very, very, windy! But luckily the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful, so there was no stopping us. And I so much love the outfits that she picked out for the shoot, I would totally wear them!

She was just carefree and we took our time, even just enjoying walking and running through the grass in the setting sun. I love these photos where I felt like she was giving me some serious attitude but I could still see a slight smile from her.

What a beautiful afternoon to be just strolling around the farm and the light could not be any more prettier. Thank you Maddie for giving us the opportunity to shoot your session. Make sure to stop by her Client Site and check out the slideshow for more photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Sneak Peek: Senior ~ Maddie

Happy hump day friends! Last weekend we doubled up on our sessions, so we have another sneak peek! We were excited to meet the adorable Maddie at her grandparents farm just outside Enid, OK.

I love the above photo! ♥ I’ve been waiting for someone fun willing to climb up into a tree. Isn’t she so pretty?!

I love the warm glow of an autumn sun and how the wind danced through her hair. Be sure to come back in two weeks for more photos of sweet Maddie! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Senior ~ Abi

Happy hump day everyone! Well, the wait is over and I have more senior photos to share of the lovely Abi. ♥ Abi is a budding artist and we wanted to express her free-spirited personality by taking photos in a small forest-like grove. :)

Isn’t she pretty? The funny {and amazing} thing about the photos and that day was that Abi looks so serene and relaxed on this seemingly warm spring day. When in reality it was freezing cold {50 degrees F} with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. This is one of many things that makes Abi amazing. She’s calm, cool, and collected on even the craziest of days. We were so proud of her!

When I {K} saw the writing on her wrist I thought she liked to draw on herself. It’s an innocent mistake, lol! I even brought a sharpie to the shoot. I like to letter on my hands and arms and I thought that Abi {a fellow artist} did the same. But this is an actual tattoo on her wrist! It means “love” in Icelandic. ♥ She likes the Icelandic language and particularly likes the band Sigur Rós {love them, so ethereal!}.

I love her outfits! ♥ they are so much fun. Abi likes to paint in her spare time but wants to go to school to study film. And she is actually taking a trip to England this summer! I’m so jealous! Well, I wish her the best with everything she does. She definitely has a unique spirit and I hope we cross paths again someday.

This isn’t all! Hop on over to the Event Page to check out a slideshow of more pics. I put it to music from her favourite band. I think it is very Abi which means it’s pretty awesome! So check it out and have a fun week!

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Sneak Peek: Senior ~ Abi

Happy Monday folks! It’s wonderful to see that Spring is finally around the corner. :) This weekend we ventured into a forest grove area to take senior photos of the budding artist Abi. Oh man, the weather really caught us off guard with temperatures in the low 50s and winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour! It was crazy but I have to congratulate Abi and her mom. They were so awesome! They pushed through without a complaint (even though they had to have been freezing!) Well, I think it all paid off. Here’s a quick peek! Meet Abi.

Isn’t she so cute!? I still can’t get over her blue eyes. Gorgeous! And I so much love her outfit below. ;)

And there’s just something about this last photo that I love so much. ♥ Don’t go too far, we’ll be posting more of the session soon. Have a great week! :)

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Senior ~ Millie

Happy Monday! I have a lovely girl’s sweet smile to start off your week. The moment Millie answered the door to her house, I instantly knew she was going to be such a sweet girl. She stood there all smiles and happily introduced herself. This was our first time meeting and it was an awesome way to set the tone of the day! She mentioned before how she loves music and playing the piano so she did play for us and boy she was good!

She had such a beautiful house and we definitely made use of it during our shoot. Thanks to her wonderful mom who took part in designing their home. I actually told Millie at one point that at some angles she looked like Paris Hilton, maybe a younger version but again I think she’s prettier inside and out!

Her personality shines in these photos. She actually is very down-to-earth, fun, and a joy to work with. Her mom’s bougainvilleas were blooming and bright. I love them! Reminded me of home ♥ And I still can’t get over her cute sneakers. Such a cool and creative gift!

She also told us that she’s going to get her hair cut shorter and will be donating it to Locks of Love. I find that so sweet and selfless. ♥ After we did a quick outfit change, she showed us her very cool car which I was pretty jealous about by the way. Driving this orange 1970 Datsun Roadster convertible, you surely won’t miss her. Such a nice vintage car and super cuuuuute!

I ♥ the top sun flare photo. It was such a beautiful sunshiny afternoon and her dog, Gentry, even joined in for a few shots. She was kinda scared and leery to stand on her car since she doesn’t like the sound that the engine makes LOL ;) Check out the slideshow on her Event Page for more photos. Have a lovely day!

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Sneak Peek: Senior ~ Millie

Happiest Monday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week ;) I am at least enjoying my time looking at photos from yesterday’s senior photo session. Meet Millie ♥ She is such a sweet and talented girl! We had an awesome time taking photos of her around her beautiful home.

Millie is actually very down-to-earth, she loves music and she’s quite a piano player. ;) We ventured outside since the weather was pretty nice. I love her outfit here and check out her shoes, it rocks! Her friend doodled on them, pretty creative and cool!

Isn’t she so dang gorgeous!?! Here’s one final shot, I am so jealous of her cute 1970 Datsun Roadster convertible ♥ Oh, I can’t wait to go through all her photos, there were lots of fun ones that you gotta see in two weeks! Have a good one!

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Senior ~ Macy

Oh dearest me, doesn’t she look so sweet and gorgeous!? This is Macy, if you remember, I took her family photos last year. And she has flown all the way from Montana to spend some time with her family here in Oklahoma and to get some senior photos done too. She showed up in her cute outfits during the shoot. I think she is a super model in the making, don’t you think!? She has a bubbly personality and very fun to hang out with. ♥ Oh and did I mention that she never complained about how hot it was during the shoot? Yes, like 102F! She’s pretty awesome!

She’s got very blue eyes! And she was willing to sit by this bed of flowers with big bees buzzing around. I mean really big ones!

I thought the bottle tree looked pretty cool!

I was too scared to make her sit on the ledge but you know what, she decided for herself to do it. Pretty brave but hey, just like what I I told you, she’s got what it takes to be a super model! The camera loves her for sure! ♥

You can check out more of Macy’s photos on her Event Page. Have an awesome Friday y’all!

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Sneak Peek: Senior ~ Macy

Yay it’s Friday! I can’t wait for the weekend and I have some wonderful photos to start it early with. Macy’s senior photoshoot could not have been better especially considering that it was easily over 100 degrees out! Every little breeze we got was a godsend. Though, I couldn’t have asked for a better subject. Remember her from last year’s family shoot? Macy is gorgeous, friendly, and a natural to photograph. Well, without further ado, here are a couple of my favorites from yesterday :)

Don’t go too far away! I’m excited for this weekend because I’m anxious to share Grant & Tessa’s wedding photos tomorrow!

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Senior ~ Rachael

Happiest Monday friends! I hope your weekend was great. I’ve been spending lots of time working on photos from our recent shoot because I can’t wait to share it with you! As I worked my way through the photos, I recalled the day of the shoot. I remember how Rachael was so full of energy and nothing was going to stop this girl from enjoying the warm sunny weather…not even the mighty wind.

Rachael’s positive spirit was so contagious, I couldn’t help but see the hair-tangling wind as a playful and refreshing warm breeze blowing through Rachael’s long gorgeous tresses. In the end, it was truly a beautiful day and I can’t thank her enough for her willingness to do anything, making the shoot so much fun ♥

And I have to mention how I love love love her summery white dress. It’s so adorable with the bow on the front.

It easily was hot and humid with a scorching bright sun in the midst of itchy grass…but I can’t recall a single complaint from her during the shoot. So, I guess I’m not overly surprised to find out about her love of the outdoors or how big she is into dirt bikes. Still, isn’t that so cool!?! Oh, and did I mention that she plays drums too? Very cool! Despite these talents, she actually is a very down-to-earth gal with a contagious smile and a kind heart. We truly had fun hanging out with her on that field of gold.

Big thanks to her personal stylist Brynne! =) She tagged along and kept on her toes helping Rachael look absolutely fab for the shoot. Rachael is finishing her senior year and just like every high schooler, I’m sure she can’t wait to get out and start college. It will be so much fun! Well I hope this will put a smile on your face and chase those Monday blues away.

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Sneak Peek: Family ~ The Woods & Rachael’s Senior Photoshoot

The Woods are a wonderful and spirited family that just makes you feel better to have known them ♥ They are all so friendly – it was truthfully a pleasure to spend a sunny (and windy!) Sunday afternoon with them. They all gave me such warm beautiful smiles without any coaching that I can tell they must wear them all day. I don’t need to say much about how pretty Rachael is – her senior photos will easily speak for themselves. But I will say that it’s always a delight to meet someone both beautiful and kind ♥

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