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The Rosses | Stillwater Family Photography

Good Monday afternoon everyone! And today we have a fun fall family session to share! You may recognize this happy family from our past blogs. We didn’t pick up many family sessions this year since our weekends were full of engagements and weddings but we just had to fit in this great group. We’ve been following these two cuties along since they were 6 months old! They are now 2 years old and have grown up so much! They are more fun every time we meet up.

The weather was perfect as we strolled beneath the golden fall foliage. When you’re photographing 2 year olds and looking for those smiles, you just have to let them play a bit and chase them around! There was definitely lots of running around. We all got our excercise, LOL!

The Rosses are the kindest family! And Charlie and Maddie are the sweetest kids. Every time we see them they always have the most adorable outfits! Oh and they had their cool Tom shoes on too.

Boy that sure was a fun day and a wonderful way to enjoy the short fall season this year. Be sure to check out more fun photos of The Rosses in the slideshow on their Client Site. Have an awesome week!

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The Rosses | Stillwater Family Photography

Sneak peek time! And yes, it’s Monday, but no frets! The weather is beautiful and there’s no reason to not go out and have fun like this awesome family! Charlie and Maddie have been growing up so fast! I can’t believe it! We’ve photographed these adorable twins since they were just crawling but now they’re running around so full of energy.

There surely was a lot of running and chasing after these kiddos last weekend but we had so much fun anyway. Oh and I love kid’s curiosity…who knows one of them might take up photography in the future. Make sure you enjoy this fall weather and stop back soon to see the full fun family session!

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Family ~ The Davises

Hello, there! I have been wanting to post these photos for awhile. I was just waiting for this cool family to come back from their 3-week vacation. I know, right!? I would love to be off for 3 weeks! The ice cream sundae party idea came from Kelli, and of course I bit right into it since I know it would be fun ;) Plus who doesn’t like ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon?! Drew, Ben, and their dad David were having the best of times from serving ice cream to everyone, putting toppings on their sundaes, then off to play. The toppings were really delicious!

The boys started playing baseball but then decided instead of batting balls they can just start hitting bubbles. They had so much fun whacking them!

I’m sure baby Henry wished he could have had some ice cream but I think he just enjoyed watching everyone play and be merry. He even got to go on his first swing ride with his mommy. He liked it. The backyard with the whole swing and house play set looks pretty darn cool. I’m sure they could play for hours!

I think the boys were pretty exhausted by the end of their play time. They just hung out in their playhouse and just laughed at their dad’s jokes.

Go ahead and check out more of their fun Sunday afternoon on their Event Page. Have a happy Monday!

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Sneak Peek: Family ~ The Davises

If you’ve been keeping up, last weekend we headed out to take some sweet photos of Baby Henry. Well, yesterday we revisited to get some snapshots of some good ol’ backyard fun! It was an ice cream party! Henry, along with his older brother’s Ben and Drew all joined in on the fun. Here’s a few shots we took yesterday and more Baby Henry photos are soon to follow this week :)

Ben and his big brother, Drew, surely do love all the toppings! Then a lot of play time followed afterwards. Even including baby Henry, who loved the swing ride.

What a beautiful and sweet family! Happy Monday! ;)

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Event ~ Charlie & Maddie Turns 1

Babies, they grow up too fast! Scott and I attended Charlie and Maddie’s birthday party last Saturday and enjoyed every bit of it. It was just the break we needed after working on client photos. If you don’t remember who these little cuties are, I photographed them when they were still 7 months old. And I haven’t seen these twins for awhile but boy they’ve really grown up but they are still as adorable as before. Awww, I love their outfits a lot!

I’m not sure if they figured out that it was their birthday but they seemed to have enjoyed the park with their friends. The food was great! Tabouli, hummus, chips, and a vegetable plate…Yum! And we had some vegan cupcakes too which their mom, Katie, baked herself. I’ve never had one before and believe me they were so delicious!

I can’t wait to see Charlie and Maddie all grown up. It has been trully very special for Scott and I to see them learn and grow every day and we are so grateful to be part of their lives.

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Kids ~ Sofie & Lily

I’ve been ansty (really!) to post these adorable pictures of Sofie and Lily. We spent a magical Saturday with them as the sun set in a botanical garden. Since I know that Sofie and Lily love The Beatles I thought it would be appropriate to attach the following song. I think it’s a perfect way to set the mood. So make sure to play it while browsing through these fun photos! Enjoy!

These two princesses are a joy to be with. It really was fun to hang out with two sweet little girls. They happily went along with anything. But then again, how could bubbles, cupcakes, and drawing in a botanical garden not be fun?! And boy they looked so cute in their matching lace dress and flower clips! ♥

Speaking of gardens: they love the outdoors and Lily especially likes to climb trees when she’s not in her Easter dress. They even don’t mind the bugs! They laugh when their buggy boxelder friends tickle while crawling on their arm and cry when one gets hurt :) We truly lucked out with the beautiful warm weather when we visited the gardens. I could tell how they loved playing in the sun. I bet they can’t wait for the summer!

They love art but their favorite is definitely drawing and I thought it was so cute how they included each other in there self-portraits ♥ I can tell Lily has been practicing her bunny rabbits :)

Sofie, 6, and Lily, 4, like to play but they are happy to help out too! They enjoy helping their mom make dinner in the kitchen and plant flowers in the garden. They really are two great kids. I can’t get enough of these two cute smiling faces ♥

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Sneak Peek: Kids ~ Sofie and Lily

I feel like I fell down a rabbit hole today and popped out into a magical garden to be greeted by two sweet little girls – one blond and one brunette. It was so enchanting and fun chasing after Sofie and Lily as the sun settled on the horizon. They blew bubbles, shared cupcakes, read to each other, and of course explored every inch of the garden. Aren’t these girlies adorable!?! I love how they drew each other on their chalk boards ;) ♥

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Kids ~ Darian, Brayden, and Ryker

I had so much fun taking photos of Baby Ryker last month and as you can see from his photos, he is absolutely adorable. So, you can imagine how excited I was to have the cuteness triple when his two cousins came up to visit. I was so excited to capture the three of them enjoying a perfect spring day in the local parks here in town. As soon as we got to the pond Brayden couldn’t wait to climb the trees! And I could immediately see how Darian and Brayden’s gymnastic classes have paid off as they balanced on the up-grown roots with ease. Brayden also loves soccer and hopes to play football in a year or two. Darian uses the gymnastics to improve her dance classes that includes ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. These two definitely stay active and it was fun trying to keep up with them to capture the action! After feeding the ducks at the pond, we were off to the park. As mentioned in the Sneak Peek, the trip to the playground has some special significance. When Razonia was still pregnant with Ryker, she would drive past this park often, and describe the park to him and how fun it will be when he is old enough to play on the slides and swing set. This was Ryker’s first trip of many to the park and what better way could it have been spent than with his cousins :)

I love Ryker’s reaction here. I felt like he was making a funny face.

Isn’t Darian so pretty!?

Baby Ryker loves to nap. Anywhere.

Brayden, showing off his gymnastic moves.

Yes, they are making some funny faces. I enjoyed every bit of it!

They both are very sweet!

Doesn’t it look like so much fun!?! And they all have awesome smiles ;) I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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Tummy Rumbles: Little Squigglers

We do love weddings but yes we love babies too! So off we went to the Little Squigglers Diaper Swap event and we had so much fun. We met lots of undeniably cute little kiddos with their super cool moms and dads too!

Little Squigglers is a family run business started by a friendly local mom named Andrea Peters. Besides spending time with her daughter she loves spreading the good news of cloth diapering and safe non-toxic baby products. She is totally hooked on green alternative baby products and her goal is to open up a store/classroom/playroom here in Stillwater, OK someday soon! Until then you can purchase these baby products through her Little Squigglers website or catch her on her travels to local groups and homes. Luckily, we were able to stop by last Saturday at one of Andrea’s famous Diaper Swap events to meet fellow cloth diaper enthusiasts (a.k.a Stillwater mothers) and their sweet and well loved babies. Basically, the event allowed local moms to come and have the option of selling, swapping, and buying new and gently used cloth diapers & accessories. Plus, this year Andrea started it off with a cloth diaper basics & more class. I can’t thank Andrea enough for letting us hang out a bit and take some photos of the cutest kids in Stillwater ;) I hope you get big smiles from these little ones.

Do you remember these sweet twins Charlie and Maddie? I took photos of them late November of last year…I feel like they are growing up so so fast ♥

It’s no coincidence that you’ve seen some of these cuties before. It was a great opportunity for us to say hi to some little ones from past photo sessions that we’ve missed ♥ If you’re in the area and interested in one of these events be sure to follow Little Squigglers on Facebook and say hi to Andrea.

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Family ~ The Bellinghausens

Happy Monday friends! Here’s some warm photos to shake away those Monday blues :) It was a nice Sunday afternoon when we took Kris’ family photos. The family had asked us to take candid shots as much as possible and Shannon warned us that her and Libby are very camera shy. Libby is a smart little girl and a carefree spirit. She is also pretty and I wasn’t surprised to hear that she has a boyfriend, oh puppy love ♥. When she grows up she wants to be either an astronaut or a fashion designer. I don’t see why she can’t be both and create designer spacesuits ;) Her cute dress suited her perfectly since it was created as part of a college design project and her favourite colour is pink. They just wanted a relaxed and laid-back photo shoot; more of walking around the pond and just spending time with Libby. Oh and she even insisted on touching her mom’s belly in her own unique way. After all, Kris and Shannon are expecting their second Baby early April. Yes, she is very close to giving birth to another baby girl, Brooksley ♥. What a cool name! Shannon said she got the name from a woman she admires, Brooksley Born, who was the chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the 90’s and known to be the woman who warned about the financial crisis early on. Libby is really excited to see her little sister soon! Without further ado here’s a nice laid-back afternoon with the Bellinghausens.

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