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Sa Eed ♥ Faria | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

Sa Eed and Faria have been happily married for 5 years now and not only are they celebrating this amazing milestone but Sa Eed just accepted an exciting new position in California! They’ve been working hard and having fun and the only thing left to do before heading out west is to take the wedding portraits that they didn’t have the opportunity to do on their wedding day. What an awesome anniversary gift to each other! ♥

s&f_173_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_006_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_181_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_010_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_174_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_014_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_172_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_022_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_171_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_019_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_178_oklahoma wedding photographer

Faria spotted a cool pattern on the ground without realizing that it was actually the back of this cute little turtle! He poked his head out and it seemed as if he was bidding us a lovely afternoon. ♥ Oh, and I love huge trees!

s&f_062_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_180_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_099_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_179_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_073_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_176_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_076_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_096_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_102_oklahoma wedding photographer

We just strolled around the garden and let these two enjoy the weather and express their love. It was truly a wonderful afternoon and it was nice to just have the garden to ourselves.

s&f_138_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_175_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_158_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_141_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_137_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_177_oklahoma wedding photographer

s&f_130_oklahoma wedding photographer

I could look through these photos all day! The love of these two is so heartwarming. And wait, there’s more! Before you go, take a quick peek at the slideshow on their Client Site!

s&f_071_oklahoma wedding photographer

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Sa Eed & Faria | Stillwater Portrait Photography

Sa Eed and Faria is celebrating their 5 years of being happily married! Sa Eed just graduated from his doctorate studies and recently decided on some exciting job opportunities in California. Such an amazing time and I couldn’t be more excited for them! The perfect opportunity for a 5 year anniversary session.

s&f_027_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_004_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_028_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_003_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_005_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_007_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_006_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_008_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_031_stillwater lifestyle photographer

We actually first met these two lovebirds through our Iranian friends while attending a Nowruz party (Persian New Year). I remember thinking how handsome a couple they were and lamenting that we wouldn’t ever get the opportunity to shoot their wedding. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when they wanted to meet about a photo session.

s&f_010_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_009_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_011_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_029_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_012_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_013_stillwater lifestyle photographer

These photos are actually only part one of two…I know right?! So many more beautiful photos in store. Sa Eed and Faria wanted to commemorate this milestone by taking some casual urban photos and some styled wedding ones too. They love the atmosphere of downtown and the architecture of the campus area. And of course stay tuned for the stylish part two.

s&f_015_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_016_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_017_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_014_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_020_stillwater lifestyle photographer

I love Faria’s dress! She’s so cute. ♥ And Sa Eed looks so dapper in his white pants. I love the shot above. I often pass by this sculpture when I went to school at OSU but now I see it in a different perspective and it’s pretty cool!

s&f_019_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_032_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_002_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_021_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_022_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_023_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_033_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_025_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_024_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_026_stillwater lifestyle photographer

s&f_030_stillwater lifestyle photographer

Happy Anniversary Sa Eed and Faria! We wish you all the best in life. ♥ Friends, before you go, there’s more photos of this stunning couple! Don’t miss out on the slideshow on their Client Site!

s&f_001_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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Sa Eed & Faria | Stillwater Lifestyle Photography

I can’t believe we’re almost through with April! It surely has been a crazy busy month for us and the weather of course is still unpredictable as expected. We had planned to shoot Sa Eed & Faria’s after the wedding session last Saturday but with the hard pouring rain the night before, it left the ground soft and muddy. Yuck! Definitely can’t shoot in the location we had in mind. Instead we shifted gears and decided to shoot their 5year wedding anniversary. It was absolutely a delight shooting these too. Don’t they looked so perfect together?! Hit ‘Like’ or leave some love and be sure to stop back in a couple of weeks for their full session!

s&f_001_stillwater wedding photographer

s&f_005_stillwater wedding photographer

s&f_002_stillwater wedding photographer

s&f_003_stillwater wedding photographer

Oh how I love this one! ♥

s&f_004_stillwater wedding photographer

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2012 Oh What A Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s funny how it feels like last year went by so fast and yet when you look back on it month by month, you realize that you packed a ton of stuff into those days as they whizzed by. Other than all the weddings, engagements, and special events we experienced with our clients, the biggest milestone this year was Scott going full-time on our business. This helped 2012 be an awesome year for us, and as we think back on it, we are even more excited about what 2013 holds for us! Anyway, while we looked back on all of our shoots this year, we pulled out some that sparked our memories or gave us a smile and we want to share them with you! Big thanks to all our clients, fans, and friends who never stopped believing in us! This is what we love to do and you all made it possible. We are so honoured you picked us. Thank you, thank you, thank you…you all are amazing! ♥


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Jeremy & Sophie | Stillwater Portrait Photography

Happy Black Friday folks! We have a really fun Just Because session to share with y’all and help get your mind off the shopping madness! We recently met up with the adorable couple Jeremy and Sophie at an antique shop downtown because they love antiquing and then hopped on over to the OSU campus to snap some more shots.

The summer after Sophie’s freshmen year, her friend brought her to some dance lessons she was taking at a studio in downtown Tulsa. The dance instructor was none other than…Jeremy. I think there is a movie in this love story somewhere, LOL. A couple lessons later and they were inseparable the rest of the summer. When the summer came to a close, they went their separate ways, but their feelings for each other didn’t. Six months later, missing Sophie, Jeremy gave her a call and their friendship was renewed. Then on New Year’s Eve, they officially became a couple! ♥ So sweet…I love stories like theirs.

Jeremy and Sophie were so much fun in the antique store! These two are definitely the adventurous sort. They love road trips, and amusement parks, and sky diving!

Sophie will be graduating with two degrees and Jeremy with an associates degree in May. At which point they plan on journeying together to a new location. Where they move will depend upon which school Sophie picks for her Masters. I’m sure wherever they end up they will be so happy together!

Isn’t Sophie so pretty?! And she’s smart too! Sophie wanted some photos of her and Jeremy together but she also wanted some portrait shots in celebration of all her hard work! And she deserves it! Not only is she getting two degrees but she will be graduating Magna Cum Laude and is a member of several honor societies. How freaking cool and smart right!?

It was so much fun browsing the antique shop and strolling around campus with these two lovebirds. ♥ Be sure to check out more fun photos of Jeremy & Sophie in the slideshow on their Client Site. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

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Jeremy & Sophie | Stillwater Portrait Photography

Sneak peek time! We recently met up with the adorable couple Jeremy & Sophie downtown here in Stillwater and snapped some shots inside an antique shop. They were so much fun to hang out with and went along with our crazy ideas while antiquing. Then off to the university we went to end the day since they are both students there. So make sure to come back soon to see all the fun photos on the full post. Sophie is so pretty and I love the last photo of her all smiles. ♥ Have an awesome weekend y’all!

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Sneak Peek: Just Because ~ Chris & Shelby

Happy Monday folks! This past weekend we took a quick jaunt over to Enid, OK for a couple delightful sessions. We first met up with the sweet couple Chris & Shelby! ♥

This lovely couple wanted some just because photos with a local Oklahoma feel. So that’s exactly what we did! It was so much fun just driving around town and snapping photos.

It turned out to be a beautiful day with the sun shining and a cool breeze. Make sure to stop on by in two weeks for more photos of this happy couple and their two cute dogs, Maddie and Oliver! Enjoy your week!

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Just Because ~ Quentin & Victoria

Happy Wednesday! Due to inclement weather this past weekend, we had to move our schedule around a bit. So no photoshoot :( but no worries, we still have a fun session to share! Quentin & Victoria came to us last November to get some Just Because photos done. This is the first time to post any because they wanted them to be a surprise for their families over the holidays. Take a look!

As you can see this was in the heart of fall and all the trees were glorious. I’m so glad that Sophie and Bella, their pomeranian’s, were able to come out and play! And boy they loved it!

Kitchen utensils? Power tools?! Lol, this couple was so much fun! We always try to find something that a couple has in common and we center the photoshoot around that. This time there was a twist! The thing is that they don’t exactly share everything but for every interest or hobby one of them has, the other has a complement. They each have their own bookshelves with different types of books. One has a PC…and, yup, the other likes Macs. Victoria likes to spend time in the kitchen {she bakes the best banana bread} and Quentin spends time in the garage {his truck is his baby}. The best thing about this couple is that they encourage each other even when it’s “different”. It would be so boring anyway if two people are too much alike right!?

Quentin and Victoria have been together for 5 years and we asked them if they would share their porposal story. They have such a sweet story! Quentin has a handy man business on the side but was worried about how long it may take to save up for a nice ring. As luck would have it, he had a client that had a beautiful loose diamond. The client made him a deal, in exchange for a summer’s worth of yard work, he could have the diamond. All he needed to do was find the perfect setting. The ring is beautiful so I think they got a great deal and such a labor of love!

Quentin and Victoria have a new passion for running. And as you may expect they have simliar shoes and water bottles…matching but different.

While we were running around we came across a fallen eagle’s nest. How crazy is that!? I swear I could fit in that nest no problem…I mean it was B-I-G! Anyway, there was no sneak peek on this one so head straight on over and visit their Event Page for more sweet his & her photos. Have a great week!

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Just Because ~ Hunter ♥ Elora

So, is this Love? I bet it is! I am so excited to finally share this session with you all! It was such awesome timing when the Fair came to town late August. How could we resist? We had to jumped right in and have a fun shoot. Hunter and Elora were such a joy to hang around with, and not to mention they were just too cute for words. It made the whole ‘just because’ session easy to shoot. The story goes that these two just kept showing up at the same parties, had some common friends and the next thing you know, they were inseparable. And if you had tagged along with them, you would have picked up on the serendipitous vibe too.

Oh, the sunlight that day was so magical! And it made us all so giddy and happy. As you see, these two were all smiles as the sun slowly set. I couldn’t have asked for more, it was truly an amazing day! So, we hopped off the carousel and off we went for a relaxing ferris wheel ride.

They were just singing and dancing as the wheel went round and round, up and down. They were so sweet to each other and all you could do is say ‘awwww’ behind the camera ♥. Then off to the swing! Now this one made me kinda dizzy just watching it spin round and round!

I love that cute wink, she really cracks me up! This beautiful heart ring was made by Elora’s mom, Teresa, it’s so gorgeous! Oh what a lovely day and what a gorgeous couple! You guys have a happy Wednesday! Check out their Event Page for more photos. ;)

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Sneak Peek: Just Because ~ Hunter ♥ Elora

Happy Monday y’all! I can’t believe the end of this month is fast approaching. ;) I definitely had so much fun this August, from weddings to baby photo shoots and just because sessions. It has been truly amazing! We’ve met wonderful kids, families, and couples thus we are truly blessed. Well here’s the last sneak peek of the month, meet Hunter and Elora ♥ We had so much fun doing their ‘just because’ session at one of the places that they absolutely love – the fair! ;)

Fair spells F-U-N to them. And who doesn’t love riding the carousel? I think we picked out the perfect time of the day; this one is sooooo magical! ♥


And yes, since I can’t help myself, here’s one more…I looooove Elora’s cuteness! Well, I hope you guys love it! Have a good one! ♥

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