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2012 Oh What A Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s funny how it feels like last year went by so fast and yet when you look back on it month by month, you realize that you packed a ton of stuff into those days as they whizzed by. Other than all the weddings, engagements, and special events we experienced with our clients, the biggest milestone this year was Scott going full-time on our business. This helped 2012 be an awesome year for us, and as we think back on it, we are even more excited about what 2013 holds for us! Anyway, while we looked back on all of our shoots this year, we pulled out some that sparked our memories or gave us a smile and we want to share them with you! Big thanks to all our clients, fans, and friends who never stopped believing in us! This is what we love to do and you all made it possible. We are so honoured you picked us. Thank you, thank you, thank you…you all are amazing! ♥


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Event ~ Henry’s 1st Birthday

Happy Mother’s Day! I have the perfect post for all you mom’s out there. If you’re not a mom you need to check this out anyway because these photos are so darn precious! Welcome to Henry’s whimsical woodsy wonderland! Celebrating his very first birthday perfectly situated amongst the trees of the park.

I almost died when I saw the bird and toadstool cupcakes! Kelli special ordered them from Cake Crazy here in town and they fit perfectly into Henry’s woodsy birthday theme. And they were delicious too! I couldn’t resist snatching a toadstool because I love Cake Crazy’s red velvet.

Fruit kabobs! Awesome idea mom. All of Henry’s favourite snacks for everyone to share were placed among his forest friends. Henry’s mom and dad kept the affair close knit by inviting only close family. It made the day that much more extra special for Henry. We felt honored to be included in this milestone in Henry’s life.

Everyone got their very own mason jar for ice tea with their name. Kelli even made ones for us. Thanks again Kelli for including us in Henry’s special day! The family cut and tied each strip to make this fabulous bunting. (If you don’t know we have a special place in our hearts for bunting.) Kelli is such a creative mom!

Time to party! The table is set with an amazing spread of goodies, the multicoloured balloons are tied and the family is all here! Happy Birthday Henry!

Make a wish! Put into his birthday throne, Henry was given his very own giant lemon cupcake! Mmmmm…

It looks like Henry liked his cupcake, lol. He made sure to lick the plate clean! Time for presents! Henry’s Dad, two big brothers,and cousins came to help!

There are many firsts for Henry for his first year but I bet riding the slide by himself was on the top of his list! Weeee! And the rest of the kids played the afternoon away riding around the park. It was so much fun that even Grandpa joined in!

Worn out from sliding with mom and dad. Henry took a break and had a blast being pushed and pulled through a magical wonderland of bubbly fun.

Happy Birthday Henry! I want my next birthday party to be this fun and creative! Make sure you check out more birthday goodness in the slideshow on the Event Page. Give your Mom or the closest one available a hug today!

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Event ~ Karen’s 60th Birthday Bash

Happy 60th Birthday Kicker Mom! {I call Karen “Kicker Mom” because she’s a mom to all of us at Kicker which is my day job.} And there will definitely be fond memories of Karen’s 60th surprise birthday party. First of all, the whole fam came to town. Kim, Karen’s eldest, painstakingly planned the event and with the help of her brothers, sister, aunts and uncles; a fun birthday bash was put together and a good time was had by all! It was beautifully setup in the front yard ♥ which gave the event an extra feeling of warmth especially with the family being so close to home.

All the grandkids were in attendance! They played basketball in the driveway over-top the gargantuan happy birthday sign hand-lettered in chalk.

Other than family, the friendly neighbours came to liven up the party. And you can really feel how close everyone is. Before dinner, everyone joined hands to say grace. The spread was beautiful and delicious with fruits, vegetables, and pasta salad. There was pulled pork, fresh buns, and deviled eggs, mmmmm! For dessert there were unique and fun cake balls and yummy chocolate brownies! There was a nice selection of wine and refreshing ice tea and lemonade too.

Kicker mom got some awesome gifts. Tori, Karen’s younger daughter, came up with one of the best gifts. She put together a scrapbook to be filled with recent photos of Karen’s lovely family. And where o’ where could they find beautiful family photos taken recently?! Blue Elephant Photography of course! I share my photography work with Kicker Mom sometimes at work and I guess we made a good impression :) Kim called me up out of the blue and thought we could help make the day extra special by professionally covering the event and taking formal family photos and some fun ones of course! Scott and I were honoured and Karen was definitely surprised.

Both Scott’s and my family are far away, so it’s always nice to be included in close family affairs such as a birthday celebration especially when it’s a friend of ours. Well, didn’t it look like so much fun!? As usual, if you want to see more fun party pics check out the slideshow on the Event Page. Happy Monday to you!

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Event ~ Manila Sunset’s 1 Year Anniversary

This past weekend sure was jam packed for us. Aside from Alex & Katy’s engagement session, we helped promote one of our favourite stores here in Stillwater ♥ Manila Sunset World Fashion Imports. It was their 1 Year Anniversary! I love their vintage and party clothes, jeans, jewelry, shoes, and the various gift items that they carry.

We had a short but awesome time. The radio station, Hot 93.7 and 105.5 Cowboy Country, came out to put in some air time. The DJs, Jeremy and Jay, were a jovial bunch and handed out some free CDs.

Other than hanging out with our good friends on a sunny Saturday in beautiful start-of-fall weather, the best part of the event was getting to use our new Polaroid camera! After getting bummed out on the poor availability of film for my old polaroid cams, I broke down and got the NEW polaroid. The pictures are half the size but equally as cool. And my camera’s blue!

Manila Sunset got the party started with very cute scarf giveaways. They also raffled out OSU football tickets and we spiced it up by throwing in a free photo session from yours truly! Winners of the football tickets is Libby B. and the photo session winner is Rachel Messer. Claim your awesome prizes!

I love love love this store! If you live in town, be sure to stop by! They are located in the Lakeview Shopping Center. Support your local everything! Happy Hump Day!

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Sneak Peek: Event ~ Karen’s 60th Birthday

So Karen turned 60 and guess what!? She looks gorgeous and glowing even at 6-0! When Kim, Karen’s eldest, contacted me to cover her surprise birthday celebration, there was no way I was going to miss it. I currently work with Karen, whom I call ‘Kicker mom’, and she is the sweetest and coolest mom and friend you’ll ever meet. Kim had this great plan for her mother’s 60th birthday that included her family and all of her sibling’s family & kids coming to visit and celebrate and have a surprise family photo session for them all.

And this is Joe, Karen’s better half. They have been together for 30 years this year! How awesome is that! Awww ♥ they are always all smiles like this. :)

Karen’s family was laid back, fun to be around and there were plenty of laughs. We all had so much fun. Everyone just had a good time which is the perfect time to get family photos! These two little ones are Karen’s youngest grandbabies, Peyton & Griswold ♥ Aren’t they so cute!?

Here’s one last photo of Karen and her baby doggie Lucy :) Well, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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Event ~ Charlie & Maddie Turns 1

Babies, they grow up too fast! Scott and I attended Charlie and Maddie’s birthday party last Saturday and enjoyed every bit of it. It was just the break we needed after working on client photos. If you don’t remember who these little cuties are, I photographed them when they were still 7 months old. And I haven’t seen these twins for awhile but boy they’ve really grown up but they are still as adorable as before. Awww, I love their outfits a lot!

I’m not sure if they figured out that it was their birthday but they seemed to have enjoyed the park with their friends. The food was great! Tabouli, hummus, chips, and a vegetable plate…Yum! And we had some vegan cupcakes too which their mom, Katie, baked herself. I’ve never had one before and believe me they were so delicious!

I can’t wait to see Charlie and Maddie all grown up. It has been trully very special for Scott and I to see them learn and grow every day and we are so grateful to be part of their lives.

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