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Aaron & Rosa | Guthrie Engagement Photography

It feels so good…to be blogging an engagement session! I think I’ve been going through withdrawal, lol. My second favourite thing to shooting couples, is sharing their story and some beautiful photos of them. Oh this session has everything that I long for…a couple so madly in love, a fun location and lots of laughing. I had been looking forward to this session for some time because if you know Aaron and Rosa, you know that that you are in for a fun day with high spirits. Rosa loves everything vintage so Downtown Guthrie was the obvious choice.

a&r_001_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_002_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_003_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_004_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_005_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_006_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_007_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_008_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_009_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_010_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_011_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_012_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_013_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_014_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_015_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_016_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_017_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_018_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_019_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_020_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_021_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_022_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_023_guthrie engagement photographer

Aaron was born in Canada while Rosa was born in Indonesia. They grew up worlds apart and now find themselves happily together in Oklahoma. A strikingly similar story to our own. ♥ Oklahoma seems to be the crossroads between Canada and Asia, lol. They travelled far to be together and and have many adventures ahead. We were so happy to find a little patch of spring in the center of town. A little bit of happiness that is soon to grow and spread just like the love of these two.

a&r_024_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_025_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_026_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_027_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_028_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_029_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_030_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_031_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_032_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_033_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_034_guthrie engagement photographer

It was so nice to see the first signs of spring and share such a pleasant afternoon with this fun couple in downtown Guthrie. There’s more photos of these two lovebirds in the slideshow on their Client Site so hop on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ and leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the weekend!

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A Year of Love ~ 2013

One of my favourite things about New Year’s is getting to reflect on all the memories, friends made, and even the challenges of the last 365 days. And better yet all the exciting opportunities in the coming year! This is the time of year that we take a digital and mental inventory and reset ourselves and our business for a greater better year. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that we had such a great time meeting and shooting new clients this year and I thought it would be fun to post a snapshot of this year’s work. Thank you for making us a part of this happy time in your life! And we’re so excited thinking about the upcoming weddings from our engaged couples. I hope you all had a fulfilling year and head fearlessly into the new one. Happy New Year!

year2013_001_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_002_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_003_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_004_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_005_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_006_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_007_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_008_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_009_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_010_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_011_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_012_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_013_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_014_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_015_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_016_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_017_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_018_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_019_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_020_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_021_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_022_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_023_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_024_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_025_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_026_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_027_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_028_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_029_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_030_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_031_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_032_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_033_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_034_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_035_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_036_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_037_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_038_oklahoma wedding photographer

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Brent & Rachel | Tulsa Engagement Photography

I love an urban e-session and I love these two! There’s really nothing not to love except that this is our last engagement session of the year. We were lucky to catch the last bout of nice weather before winter butted in and I can’t think of a better couple to wrap up the fall season with. Brent and Rachel are one calm, cool, and collected couple that are super sweet to each other. And I think one of the best things about these two is how laid back they are as they enjoyed a nice afternoon in Tulsa. As fate would have it, Brent and Rachel attended the same high school together in Tulsa but their stories were not meant to intertwine ’til a bit later. But they have many fond memories together in the city including concerts at the Cain’s Ballroom.

b&r_001_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_002_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_003_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_004_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_005_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_006_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_007_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_008_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_009_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_010_tulsa engagement photographer

Rachel is actually an aspiring photographer and on their anniversary Brent wanted to surprise her with a brand new DSLR. {I can’t think of a better anniversary gift by the way!} Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t the one she had been dreaming about. If you are a photographer, you will understand lol. Anyway, being the awesome boyfriend that he is, Brent planned an even better gift. He exchanged the camera and used it to take a photo to surprise her with. He prepared the camera, framed the photo, and planned a trip to a park in Tulsa. He presented Rachel with her gift and to her surprise the photo was their three dogs wearing the signs “please”, “say”, and “yes”. Isn’t that freaking awesome?! Brent promptly knelt down and asked her to marry him. She said “Yes!” of course.

b&r_011_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_012_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_013_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_014_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_015_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_016_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_017_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_018_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_019_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_020_tulsa engagement photographer

I’m so glad we got to spend such a pleasant afternoon with this fun couple in downtown Tulsa. And I may be a little bias, but that is definitely one of my favourite proposal stories. There’s more photos of this sweet couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so hop on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ and leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of the week!

b&r_021_tulsa engagement photographer

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Whit & Lacey | Tulsa Engagement Photography

Whit and Lacey both attended OSU but they actually first met in Tulsa, OK and have many fond memories in the city. So it was their idea that we would spend the afternoon visiting some of their favourite places for their engagement session starting at the hip Phoenix coffee shop. I love their outfits, the locations, and they have the best attitudes. It was such a blast shooting and capturing their love in this urban e-session.

w&l_001_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_002_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_003_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_004_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_005_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_006_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_007_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_008_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_009_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_010_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_011_tulsa engagement photographer

When the big day finally came when Whit knew he would pop the question, he had planned it all out in his head. He would take her out to a special spot by Grand Lake and get down on one knee. But he soon realized that it was pouring rain and he needed a Plan B. So he made reservations for a private room at a nearby restaurant and set up a second surprise. As they waited for their drinks Whit pulled out the ring and asked Lacey to marry him. She said ‘Yes!’ of course. But the surprise didn’t end there, for he had also asked their family to wait for them on the patio so that they could all celebrate together.

w&l_012_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_013_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_014_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_015_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_016_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_017_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_018_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_019_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_020_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_021_tulsa engagement photographer

Whit and Lacey with their two aussie shepherds are such a kind couple. Adding in the pleasant sunny fall weather, it was just about the perfect day. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year! There’s more photos of this handsome couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so hop on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of the week!

w&l_022_tulsa engagement photographer

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Brett & Callan | Oklahoma Engagement Photography

Listening to their story, I thought I was hearing the makings of a romantic comedy, LOL. Brett and Callan are both architecture students, which is actually how they first met. Eventually they both ended up attending a study abroad opportunity in Paris, France. During the trip they traversed the city sketching and making notes on many of the architecture wonders. One day, they made it over to the Arc de Triomphe, and they were spending the day drawing in their books as usual. It was at the top of this famous monument that Brett knew that the perfect moment had come. As the Eiffel Tower soared in the distance, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said ‘Yes!’ of course.

r&c_001_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_002_oklahoma engagement photographer

These two lovebirds make such a cute couple and when you meet them you realize that they are so perfect together. They have many loves in common and the newest one is the piano. Callan is a practiced pianist and Brett is learning with her help.

r&c_003_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_004_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_005_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_006_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_007_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_008_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_009_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_010_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_011_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_012_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_013_oklahoma engagement photographer

You would never guess from the smiles, laughter, and love for eachother that it was actually a pretty gloomy day. I’m so so excited for their wedding next year because it’s going to be at this very cabin. I’m hoping they luck out with the weather like we did for their e-session so that they can wed under these beautiful old trees. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

r&c_014_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_015_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_016_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_017_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_018_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_019_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_020_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_021_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_022_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_023_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_024_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_025_oklahoma engagement photographer

r&c_026_oklahoma engagement photographer

I’m so glad that we got to meet these two kindhearted souls. And I have a feeling that Paris is just the start of their exciting adventure together. There’s more photos of this sweet couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so jump on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of the week!

r&c_027_oklahoma engagement photographer

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Cole & Kari | Stillwater Engagement Photography

When we first met Cole and Kari we immediately knew that these were our type of clients. I’m sure we talked their ear off but we just had so much fun hanging out with them. They are a totally down-to-earth couple that always manages to keep the mood light, epecially Cole, which we found out at their engagement session here in Stillwater. He is by far the funniest guy we’ve shot this year. There was so much love and laughter during their session, even I was cracking up!

c&k_001_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_002_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_003_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_004_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_005_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_006_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_007_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_008_stillwater engagement photographer

Cole and Kari both attended OSU and had a similar circle of friends. So before even getting together they knew of each other. But what they didn’t know is that they actually attended the same church. One day, in church, they turned around to greet those around them like they normally do and immediately recognized one another. God had brought them together and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

c&k_009_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_010_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_011_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_012_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_013_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_014_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_015_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_016_stillwater engagement photographer

It was so fun listening to Cole tell the story of the proposal. He asked Kari to have dinner with him…at a very specific time. You see, his plan had to be timed just right because he needed some help setting it up while they had dinner. Kari felt like something was a bit off since Cole was specifying times down to the minute. She thought it was funny but didn’t think much of it. He IS an electrical engineer. Dinner was pleasant and afterward they headed out for a ‘surprise’. I’ve heard of many crazy proposal stories but Cole did the sweetest thing. He took her to where everything began…church. As Kari walked in ‘God Gave Me You’ played over the speakers and Cole left the message “Kari, God gave me you. Love, Cole’ on the large stage screen. The church was dim except for a spotlight shining on the aisle where they first met with Cole down on one knee. He asked her to marry him and she said ‘Yes!’.

c&k_017_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_018_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_019_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_020_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_021_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_022_stillwater engagement photographer

c&k_023_stillwater engagement photographer

We feel so blessed to have met this wonderful, kind, and funny couple. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year! There’s more photos of this sweet couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so jump on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of the week!

c&k_024_stillwater engagement photographer

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Brent & Rachel | Tulsa Engagement Photography

Brent and Rachel love the atmosphere, feel and life created by a historic downtown. So it was obvious that we should capture their love for each other simply walking around downtown Tulsa. Plus they have so many great memories here. I love the smiles on these two!

b&r_001_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_002_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_003_tulsa engagement photographer

b&r_004_tulsa engagement photographer

These two lovebirds are such a fun and laid-back couple to spend a sunny fall afternoon with! Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for more photos! ♥ Happy hump day!

b&r_005_tulsa engagement photographer

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Jacob & Carolyn | Tulsa Engagement Photography

Jacob and Carolyn look like a young, fun and kind-hearted couple that you would like the be friends with. The cool thing is that they totally are! Photographing the afternoon with them at Camp Loughridge was an absolute treat and it definitely helps that they look so great together. These two met 5 years ago while working at the same restaurant and have been inseparable ever since. And just this past July on the anniversary of the day they first met Jacob popped the question. A guy that can remember dates like that is a true catch! He convinced Carolyn to take a walk with him at a local park in Tulsa which wasn’t out of the norm, so Carolyn didn’t expect what was about to come. As they neared an area by a creek Jacob couldn’t wait any longer and asked Carolyn to marry him. He said that he was so nervous that he forgot to kneel {so sweet!} and she said ‘Yes!’ of course.

j&c_001_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_002_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_003_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_004_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_005_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_006_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_007_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_008_tulsa engagement photographer

And I just love Carolyn’s hot air balloon necklace! It’s so cute and unexpected, a perfect reflection of her personlity.

j&c_009_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_010_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_011_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_012_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_013_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_014_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_015_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_016_tulsa engagement photographer

I absolutely love that Carolyn’s engagement ring is so unique! ♥ With its large blue sapphire it’s definitely one to remember. It has that vintage quality that can become a family heirloom.

j&c_017_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_018_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_019_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_020_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_021_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_022_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_023_tulsa engagement photographer

j&c_024_tulsa engagement photographer

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year which will be at this very same location! There’s more photos of this sweet couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so jump on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Yay it’s Friday!

j&c_025_tulsa engagement photographer

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Jake & Emily | Stillwater Engagement Photography

We first met Jake and Emily last year when Emily was a bridesmaid for a wedding we were shooting. When she told me she was engaged, I got so excited because she was so pretty and Jake is such a funny guy. But I tried to hold my elatement since she said they were waiting for her to finish school first. So when she sent me a message that they had set a date and wanted to talk photography I just about jumped off my seat!

j&e_001_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_002_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_003_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_004_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_005_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_006_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_007_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_008_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_009_stillwater wedding photographer

Truthfully, when they first told me that they had an old vintage truck for their session, I didn’t think much of it. I knew that Jake & Emily wouldn’t need help from props or locations since they have so much life and energy alone. So you can imagine our expressions when we saw this beautiful and absolutely perfect blue 1950s international pickup truck. I love these two and these photos with their truck!

j&e_010_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_011_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_012_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_013_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_014_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_015_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_016_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_017_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_018_stillwater wedding photographer

Looking throught these photos I almost forgot about the on and off rain just before meeting with them. Their smiles, laughter and love for each other outshines even the gloomiest weather. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

j&e_019_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_020_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_021_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_022_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_023_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_024_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_025_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_026_stillwater wedding photographer

j&e_027_stillwater wedding photographer

Yay, it’s Friday! I don’t know about all of you but fall is such a crazy time of year for us. Even the leaves seem to be so busy with their rustling around. So it was so nice when we got to spend the afternoon capturing Jake & Emily’s love for each other during their e-session. They are such a funny and lighthearted couple and hanging out with these two is always a pleasant and relaxing time. ♥ There’s more photos of this sweet couple in the slideshow on their Client Site so jump on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the weekend!

j&e_028_stillwater wedding photographer

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Whit & Lacey | Tulsa Engagement Photography

We couldn’t be more excited to have spent a beautiful Sunday with Whit & Lacey for their e-session. Not only did they pick a gorgeous day to shoot, cool locations, and fun outfits but they also brought the cutest props, aka their mini Aussie shepherd babies!

w&l_001_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_003_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_004_tulsa engagement photographer

w&l_002_tulsa engagement photographer

These two were so much fun to shoot and hang out with. Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for more photos! ♥ Have a wonderful day!

w&l_005_tulsa engagement photographer

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