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Wedding ~ John ♥ Lindsey

Happy Friday everyone! Drumroll please…we’ve been teasing you with engagements and such but we now have our first wedding of this year to share with you! Yay! John & Lindsey’s celebration has a little bit of everything so I think it’s an awesome way to sound off the season. {Can you hear the starting gun firing?! I can ;)} Meet this amazing couple ~ John & Lindsey. ♥ We spent the whole day with this fun laid back couple and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We met the girls early in the morning at the Salon to watch them pretty up. It was so much fun watching them because you can tell they are so close. And I can’t think of a better way to start off your wedding day than with her family’s famous cinnamon buns!

We all took a break for lunch with the girls having lunch catered at the church to give themselves plenty of time to prepare and setup at the Children’s Library. The boys showed up soon after and hung out in a classroom on the other side of the church. Covering all bases Lindsey made sure to include something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

I was elated when she showed me her “something blue”. Her bridesmaids Karisa, Martina, Lacey, and Molly along with her parents all wrote encouraging words on the bottom of her heels in blue. ♥

Now let me tell you, Lindsey loves surprises! The only person that had seen her dress was her Mom. She didn’t let a single picture leak out. She wanted to see the expression on her bridesmaid’s faces when she pulled it out and what a surprise! It’s beautiful: exquisite beading on the corset set atop flowing delicate ivory fabric gathered to the side with the same beading and laced up the back. She looked amazing! Lindsey opted for a first glance and just to be sure that John didn’t peek until she was ready, he stood there blindfolded and let Lindsay reveal herself. How fun!

To draw out the suspense even further, Lindsey came up with the idea of a father’s first glance. So sweet! I love the tall ceilings and openness of her family’s church. The flower girl, Lindsey’s niece Harleigh, was so adorable! And when Karisa, Lindsey’s maid of honor, took the stage and sang a sweet song, everyone was brought to tears!

Lindsey wanted to add some country flavour to the wedding. So while waiting for the newlyweds, guests were asked to take handfuls of wheat kernels from galvanized buckets. What a send off! I found myself digging wheat out of crevasses even after we got home. Now let the party begin! The wedding cake had a lovely texture and I’ve never seen a more appropriate groom’s cake, lol.

With cake served Lindsey and her dad kicked off the dance. And of course the wedding would not have been the same without Lindsey’s sorority sisters! It was touching watching the Tri Delta girls gather around the newlyweds and serenade them. ♥

I think one of the neatest things at the reception was the longest marriage dance. All the married couples were asked to come to the dance floor. After a couple minutes the DJ asked that couples married less than 2 days to leave the floor. John and Lindsey promptly sat down. Then couples married less than 5 years were asked to sit down. I think you can guess the game here…10 years, 15 years, 20 years. The amazing thing was how long the count down continued. It made your heart swell to see couples married for decades waltzing across the dance floor…40 years, 45 years, 50 years. It continued until only one couple was left and everyone watched them dance across the floor. Lindsey’s grandparents have been married for over 60 years! Now that’s love! ♥

The reception was definitely not a yawn! After the formal dances the music kicked up a notch {or five} and it turned into a full blown dance party! The robot may be a feat in a wedding dress and high heels but luckily Lindsey brought her dancing shoes, Toms!

Lindsey’s cousins set up a truly hip photobooth with a stellar selection of props. The perfect way to take a break from the dance-a-thon. Check out the Boys! It’s doesn’t look like their stopping anytime soon. John’s got the moves!

Wish you could see more of this fabulous wedding? Don’t fret. Just head over to the Event Page, and check out the slideshow. Have a great weekend!

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Get Your Jammies Ready!

Can you believe that it’s the last week of March already!? I can’t! I feel like the Hello Lovely Indie Bridal Fair was just yesterday. :) That was our first bridal fair, we felt really special being a part of it. Well, let me say that we did have an awesome run of sessions, client meetings, and acquiring new friends this month. And I thought reaching 1,000 fans on our Facebook page was pretty cool too! I think YOU {yes, all of you!} have been awesome supporters. This is the first month that we had over 2,000 unique visitors to our website! Yes, I think that’s pretty darn A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Well, I got some happy news. Scott is quitting his job at the university, effective March 30 {in 2 days!}, and he’ll be working full time on our business! *happy dance* I am super excited! ‘Cause I really think one of us should be focusing on the business full-time. So he’ll be the second photographer and the business guy *wink*.

Trust me, I would love to really do this full-time but with the economy right now, it just made more sense for Scott to quit first, then maybe I can jump in as the business grows. So this means he can get us more organized on business stuff…he can manage the website better, help me out with writing blogs, keep accounts up-to-date, ooh taxes, and so many more {laundry!}. For the last year and a half, we’ve been shooting together and have taken cared of the business stuff in between sessions. There’s soooo much to do and I am just relieved one of us will be able to take care of things better. We always try our best in doing good with every session and taking care of our clients. Anyway, I just thought to share the news since you will be seeing him more on our site and our Facebook page. We are very grateful, and yes, I can’t thank every one of you enough! It’s surreal to even think about how our photography can support or employ one of us fully. Truly, our awesome clients and fans have made this all possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our heart! Time to get a Pajama party ready for Scott this Friday! Everyone is invited! Hehehe ;)

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Brad & Amber

Happy Monday friends! This weekend was very bright and sunshiney…great weather for a fun and happy spring engagement session. :) I surely love this couple’s outfits and the energy that they brought to the shoot! Meet Brad and Amber. ♥

We snapped some photos at the railroad track around the old train station in town. Then we headed off to a blissful orchard to take more relaxed photos. Well, maybe not all relaxed, lol. I can’t help but giggle every time I look at Amber joyfully spring into the air!

And this awesome vintage couch and props wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Allison from Our Vintage Love. If you’re looking for vintage goodies for your wedding, Our Vintage Love definitely has some must-have items! We ended the day just having fun looking through Brad and Amber’s record collection. Oh and I love this last shot, they’re so sweet! ♥ Have a great week everyone! We have so many more fun photos to share! So check back in two weeks to see their full e-session.

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Brent & Devin ~ A Lakeside Engagement

Happy Friday Everyone! If you remember, two weeks ago we took photos of this gorgeous couple: Brent and Devin. ♥ Oklahoma weather has been so confusing lately! We really had no idea what to expect while planning out the photoshoot…so we planned for everything. The only props we brought were umbrellas and rain boots, just in case. As you will see, we didn’t need any of that but it worked out great!

We let Brent and Devin’s love for each other and the location set the mood. Ah they looked so good together! I love how they giggle at each other’s jokes and how happy they are just enjoying each other’s company. It was pleasant and relaxing just walking around the lake snapping shots around the blooming dogwood trees. Well, Brent and Devin originally met October of 4 years ago at a party held by a mutual friend. They bumped into each other several more times before finding themselves by happy accident at a New Year’s Eve Party together. It was on New Year’s Eve that they shared their first kiss. ♥

Brent & Devin’s serendipitous meetings continued sporadically and it wasn’t until Devin moved to town that they found themselves hanging out all the time…they’ve been together ever since. I guess there is something to that New Year’s superstition. True love may just come to find you {and at the stroke of midnight!}. So, the clouds rolled in but at least it was still bright out and not too windy. These lovebirds are a fun laid back couple, so it was easy to just stop at a rock wall or the large deck and get some great photos. The ducks floated by, the geese flew overhead, and it felt like the day was leaving us alone to be ourselves.

Before losing too much light, we hopped over to the University to get a couple more photos in Brent’s full dress blues. I always like the look of Old Central, the oldest building on campus. Brent couldn’t be more handsome but adding Devin in her adorable printed dress just makes my heart melt. ♥

They’re getting hitched this October and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding! :) You can check out more photos in the slideshow on their Event Page. And there’ll be a new engagement sneak peek on Monday, so be sure to check back! Have a lovely weekend!

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Life is Beautiful Afterall

So we got an unexpected break today! Woohoo! Scott and I just celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary {Yay!} and I am so proud that we’ve been together that long and looking forward to spending years and years together! It’s funny how sometimes you meet people at the most unexpected places {Linear Algebra class for us} and never expect that it will lead to some happy ever after. ♥ I know that there are no perfect relationships but if two people really love each other more than their differences, and truly care for each other, then that is a life worth living…that is bliss! We took a walk at the peach orchard today. Even if the flowers were washed out by the rain, the trees still looked beautiful! Even with the rain clouds rolling in, the orchard still looked serene and magical.

When things get kinda rough for us, I frame every so-called disaster with these words, “In five years, will this matter?”

I think every person deserves someone beautiful {inside & out}. Whatever happened in the past is past, mistakes are made and you learn from it. Having a broken heart means you have tried for something…eventually, every bad thing goes away and then it’s up to you to wake up and move on and find new happiness or new love. I got divorced before, but it didn’t mean that life was over or I had to stop living. I decided to move away, finish school, and get a good job. I just chose to refocus and move on with my life. And I believe that there’s always someone out there for you, even if things didn’t work out at first. And second chances exist. And I think happiness is a choice that you make. I chose to move on, live, and be happy! I’m not an expert with relationships but I guess I’m doing something right this time! Nobody lives backward anyway, and there might be no next time, so live, love, laugh ’cause life is short and life is beautiful afterall!

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Sneak Peek: Wedding ~ John ♥ Lindsey

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s sneak peek time! It was so much fun being a part of John and Lindsey’s wedding day. ♥ In fact, I don’t even know how to begin! I had a hard time picking out a few photos to share out of all the great moments. We joined the girls early in the morning at the hair stylist to watch them get prettied up.

Lindsey loves surprises and waited ’til the very last minute to show everyone the dress! And oh how I love their first glance! Lindsey had John blindfolded to make sure he wouldn’t sneak up to see her in her wedding dress for the first time.

And the day wouldn’t have been the same without all of John & Lindsey’s closest friends cheering them on! The ceremony was nice and solemn. Family, friends, and mates all watched them exchange their vows.

And the party…it was crazy fun! You can’t expect less especially when you have fun sorority sisters and awesome dancing buddies around. Oh these girls are amazing with posing themselves in 2 seconds! Love it! You have to come back in two weeks to see their whole day {John & his friends got the moves!} and see what a blast it was following them around! Have an awesome week everyone!

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Hello Lovely: An Indie Bridal Fair

Hello Lovelies! For the past several weeks we’ve been hyping up the extravaganza of the Hello Lovely Bridal Fair that was held last Sunday in Tulsa. The show was hosted inside Vive Le Ranch {The Barn} on the south side of Tulsa. The point of the whole affair was to help Brides be inspired and connect with Vendors in order to plan a wedding that is Bohemian, Romantic, Vintage, or Rustic. All the decorations, which were painstakingly handmade by the four lovely ladies behind Hello Lovely, brought a festive air to the show but also doubled as wedding inspiration for all the attendees.

Here is our little nook! Kristine worked all week to make the bunting that is strung across the old windows. The basket on the left is full of wildflower seed packets. We wanted to give everyone something and thought it would be a neat idea as wedding favours. And just below that we had an old luggage filled with photos and trinkets. It’s best seen in the top photo. :)

Our good friend Allison {above} from Our Vintage Love volunteered to help at the fair. She worked this delicious cake table! And our little booth was placed right beside Jenny {below} from The Crimson Poppy which we featured here several weeks ago. She creates unique paper flowers that have been used in weddings and even the Oscars! Also, some of the “brides” in the fashion show at Hello Lovely showcased Jenny’s wonderful creations. I love the big pink roses.

There was so much more to the show and we wish we had more to share but we struggled to even get these few snapshots in. We were swamped! Since it rained all day, they had to keep all the doors closed to the barn and the attendees cramed inside. Eveyone barely had enough room to breathe but it was a lot of fun and it brought us all close and personal with the brides. I suspect that there will be many more fun photos posted by the Hello Lovely Ladies, so watch out for it!

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Senior ~ Abi

Happy hump day everyone! Well, the wait is over and I have more senior photos to share of the lovely Abi. ♥ Abi is a budding artist and we wanted to express her free-spirited personality by taking photos in a small forest-like grove. :)

Isn’t she pretty? The funny {and amazing} thing about the photos and that day was that Abi looks so serene and relaxed on this seemingly warm spring day. When in reality it was freezing cold {50 degrees F} with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. This is one of many things that makes Abi amazing. She’s calm, cool, and collected on even the craziest of days. We were so proud of her!

When I {K} saw the writing on her wrist I thought she liked to draw on herself. It’s an innocent mistake, lol! I even brought a sharpie to the shoot. I like to letter on my hands and arms and I thought that Abi {a fellow artist} did the same. But this is an actual tattoo on her wrist! It means “love” in Icelandic. ♥ She likes the Icelandic language and particularly likes the band Sigur Rós {love them, so ethereal!}.

I love her outfits! ♥ they are so much fun. Abi likes to paint in her spare time but wants to go to school to study film. And she is actually taking a trip to England this summer! I’m so jealous! Well, I wish her the best with everything she does. She definitely has a unique spirit and I hope we cross paths again someday.

This isn’t all! Hop on over to the Event Page to check out a slideshow of more pics. I put it to music from her favourite band. I think it is very Abi which means it’s pretty awesome! So check it out and have a fun week!

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Sneak Peek: Engagement ~ Brent & Devin

Happy Monday! Wow, what a crazy weekend! We spent last week preparing for an engagement shoot on Saturday and a Bridal Show on Sunday. Based on weather reports earlier on in the week, we told Brent & Devin to bring rain boots and umbrellas and we were hyping ourselves up for a rainy day engagement. But then mother nature pulled the ol’ switcharoo on us: Saturday ended up cloudy and mild and the Bridal show got soaked! Well, no complaints here! It gave us a more relaxed shoot at the lake and their Alma mater. Meet Brent & Devin!

Isn’t Devin so gorgeous and Brent so handsome!? They looked so perfect together! ♥

It really was relaxed and I could tell they put their all into the photos which always really helps. And who doesn’t like a guy in uniform? Make sure to check back in two weeks for their full e-session {I can’t wait!}. Happy Monday y’all! :)

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A So Me Dress and Fun Favours

Happy Friday friends! Well, were gearing up for an exciting weekend and a fun filled year for that matter. I got the most important thing out of the way…I found a so me dress for the Indie Bridal Fair on Sunday. ♥ You can check out a pic of it on twitter or you’ll have to stop by to see it. It’s so cute! We also got some give-a-ways for the Bridal Show…Wildflower Seeds. We wanted to give everyone something that’s very “us” and maybe it’ll help spread a little more beauty in the world. :)

We thought that Wildflower seeds are a great idea for alternative DIY wedding favours and we wanted to share that idea with everyone at the show. What do you think? Also, we have an e-session tomorrow. So make sure to stop back here on Monday to see the sneak peek. We actually met a wedding coordinator today, Emily, who is slowly making her way into into the wedding photography industry. She was so nice and pretty. We are hoping to meet some local photographers and wedding vendors this year. We’re so excited about all the new people we’ll meet this year. As you can see our weekend is looking to be pretty busy {and pretty fun!}. So, what are you doing for your wedding favours? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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