Engagement ~ Chris & Kristena

Yay it’s finally Friday and Christmas Eve Eve to boot! (Hey, holiday anticipation is totally celebration worthy, LOL) It’s the best feeling to be surrounded by family and friends. So I hope all of you are with those you love and care about. Talking about love and caring, I have a fabulous airplane engagement shoot to share, yay again! The idea of making our way to the local Airport and some photos around the University campus sounded pretty good. Brrrr…it was pretty {very} chilly on this sunny Saturday afternoon. I’m so glad Chris and Kristena brought some sun of their own (and some hand warmers too, LOL). Awww, they’re so sweet! ♥

We have always wanted to do an airplane engagement. When we found out that Chris was in the Air Force, wheels started spinning. Trying to keep it closer to home, we totally lucked out when we were able to get some help from the wonderful folks over at Hanger 1 Flight Center here in Stillwater.

Kristena has a gorgeous face! She looks pretty even when she’s not smiling. And her ring is just as beautiful and sparkly!

Chris and Kristena were engaged on the 5th of November and if you remember I told you in the sneak peek they shared a really fun and creative proposal story with us. Kristena had told Chris that if she ever got engaged she would want her family involved. Always keeping Kristena’s happiness in mind, Chris proposed through a scavenger hunt with Kristena’s family helping out! Everyone knew what was in store for that day except clueless Kristena who just thought they were all just having a fun weekend.

Kristena with family in tow followed clues which involved a baseball (Kristena loves baseball!) and four wheelers and finally…a dog house. Let me give a little background on this last clue. Chris has been wanting a dog and everytime he brings it up Kristena replies that they can talk about it after they get engaged. So, at the end of the scavenger hunt Kristena found a dog house with a sign that read “Can we have a puppy now?” When she turned around she found Chris down on one knee! How cute is that?! He’s definitely a keeper! :)

Kristena couldn’t stop laughing! As you can see, Chris was too big for this little airplane LOL ;)

As always don’t forget to visit their Event Page for more of their fun e-session photos! I wish you all the best this Holiday Season! Have fun and enjoy your break! ♥

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  1. These are great! Love the ones with the airplane. Very vintage!

  2. thanks sherry! so much love in them! ?

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