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Tummy Rumbles: Summertime in the Islands Part1

I have been slowly working through some of our vacation photos. I know it’s been looooong overdue! I was thinking that it would be good to start out in Hong Kong, then I will post some photos of the Philippines on another day. I’ve shared some of my black and white shots awhile back which I took while I was waiting for Scott in HK. So as you know we had some challenges with our travel while we were there but let’s skip that and move on to the positive side of it, which is we got to spend more time together and see places. I took Scott to one of my favorite places to see in HK, the Tian Tan Buddha in Lantau Island. We rode this 25-minutes glass cable car ride over the seas and mountains, it was so much fun! The island was filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, and a monastery.

I just love the climb to the top to see the Buddha and just sit around for awhile and just breathe fresh air and be mesmerized with the view of Hong Kong and the outlying islands. I love this place and I never get tired of it. We also went to Kowloon area and visited The Peak in HK Island. This is one of the top tourist destination in HK. The tram on the way up was fun to ride and The Peak gives you a pretty nice view of the city. And mind you, this by far, of all of the places that I’ve traveled to has a McDonald’s with the most scenic view. And yes, we decided to eat dinner there, can’t miss out on that killer view!

The view from the top at night was stunning even if it was foggy! On other days we went to several markets for shopping but we decided to not bring the camera. We went to Stanley Market which was further away. Temple Street Night Market was one that we kept going back to for shopping plus they have better outdoor street dining there, if you want to be adventurous. But most of our time was spent just walking around Victoria Harbour, it might be the most popular tourist spot in HK. We just loved sitting around and watching boats go by, after all it is just a 2minute walk from our hotel. ;)

We saw that pink gerbera by the harbour and thought it was beautiful and unique. Overall, our stay in HK went well. It was fun commuting everyday, we went to different places by train, ferry, taxi, and bus. Well, I’ll post the next stop of my trip, Home…the Philippines! For now, Happy Hump Day and have a good one!

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Sneak Peek: Just Because ~ Hunter ♥ Elora

Happy Monday y’all! I can’t believe the end of this month is fast approaching. ;) I definitely had so much fun this August, from weddings to baby photo shoots and just because sessions. It has been truly amazing! We’ve met wonderful kids, families, and couples thus we are truly blessed. Well here’s the last sneak peek of the month, meet Hunter and Elora ♥ We had so much fun doing their ‘just because’ session at one of the places that they absolutely love – the fair! ;)

Fair spells F-U-N to them. And who doesn’t love riding the carousel? I think we picked out the perfect time of the day; this one is sooooo magical! ♥


And yes, since I can’t help myself, here’s one more…I looooove Elora’s cuteness! Well, I hope you guys love it! Have a good one! ♥

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Wedding ~ Patrick ♥ Erin

It had actually been 7 months since Erin and Patrick last saw each other! They are such a sweet couple and you can tell everyone’s heart goes out to them. Erin is in the Navy and Patrick is in the Marines. They met while doing their job training. Following their schooling, Erin got to stay in Colorado while Patrick was stationed all the way in Hawaii! All the while they’ve been waiting anxiously to be reunited. They are now petitioning to be stationed together and everyone is crossing their fingers.

Erin’s bridal photos were taken in an adorable little greenhouse attached to the main building where she got ready. It has an old world flare about it while staying fun among the potted plants, iron chairs, and hidden treasures. Oh I love love love their first glance, especially Patrick’s excitement that he can’t hide, not even from the cam.

These two were a natural to photograph. They were so sweet to each other, almost everything was pretty much candid. They told me that this is how they show their affection everyday. Awww ♥ Oh and here’s the wedding party that braved the heat that day, they were such troopers!

I couldn’t have picked a better name for Patrick & Erin’s wedding venue: The Enchanted Woods. It was charmingly simple and absolutely magical! I thought the location suited them perfectly when they told me their engagement story…they were strolling one moonlit night when Patrick proposed. How romantic! I’m always amazed how the weather always mellows out just in time for weddings. I think mother nature knows when love is in the air ;)

I loved when Erin and her dad made their way inside the woods. The light was just whimsical! The wedding was timed perfectly, for the sunshine was so beautiful; making the Enchanted Woods glow.

I love how everyone came together to make the reception extra special. There were lots of family favourites to choose from: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and delicious salads. I always get this warm nostalgic feeling in my tummy while watching a family reunite in a backyard – enjoying food hot off the grill while kids play on a tire swing in the background. And the cake cutting was a scene that you couldn’t miss…they both smushed each others mouth with cake! ;)

The guests rang bells as the couple made their exit. How fun! After the reception they were off to Branson, MO for their honeymoon. As the couple drove off, I looked up at the night sky. I was reflecting on this beautiful day when lo and behold the moon was shining full and bright! All along, Erin and Patrick’s greatest moments have been guided by the moon…truly enchanting ♥ Happy Saturday folks! If you want to see more of their photos, check out their Event Page. ♥

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Tummy Rumbles: And Now You’re Mine

I looked at the sky earlier and this is what I saw…there was a heart ♥ in the clouds! Oh what a perfect day ♥ Happy Friday! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

No one else will sleep with my dream, love.
You will go; we will go joined by the waters of time.
No other one will travel the shadows with me,
only you, ever green, ever sun, ever moon.
Sonnet LXXXI by Pablo Neruda

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My Fair Wednesday

Hello friends! How is your Wednesday going? Mine is not bad. So the fair has come to town again this year, I’m sure a lot of people are psyched about this! I am not the biggest fan of crazy rides like roller coasters, but I don’t have to worry this time coz this one is just a small traveling fair. I could definitely handle all the rides…I think! ;) Anyway, it has been a fun and tiring day so I need to go back to working on Patrick & Erin‘s wedding pics and be sure to check them out on the blog this Saturday!

Yes, this happens to be my favorite ride. I love heights as long as they don’t constantly change on me. ;) I know this is just one photo but wait next week for more. I am photographing a ‘just because’ session for a cute couple this weekend ♥ Happy Wednesday!

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The Bottom of the Pot

I already had Indian food for dinner but lo and behold, I got a telephone call from Lili of Sultan’s telling me that she made me some Tahdig! Oh my! How can I refuse it!?! I have been daydreaming about it for weeks now! LOL :) Tahdig (literally means the ‘bottom of the pot’) is the buttery rice crust at the bottom of the pot when cooking Persian Basmati rice. And you only get one measly layer of Tahdig from an entire pot of rice thus it is a precious commodity. ;) Tahdig can be made in various ways, some made with vegetables, some made with bread, and this one is made with some chicken, raisins, potatoes, and saffron ♥ Yummy!

It is so delicious. It looks simple, but cooking it apparently is hard to master. To get the perfect Tahdig you will need to have a good balance between the right temperature, aromatic rice, the amount of oil, the right kind of pan, length of cooking time, some experience, and a little patience. It’s like Persian crack, it is so addictive! You have got to try it if you come across a Persian restaurant or if you have some Iranian friends. Beg them to make it! ;) I am thankful we got enough, or else I will be fighting over this with Scott! We both love it! Happy Monday!

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Baby ~ Lucy

Happiest Friday my friends! I am so ready for the weekend! So here is something happy to start your weekend off, meet Lucy ♥

This adorable little one was very fun to shoot. Emi and Jake were very nice to welcome us into their home. We stayed warm inside since it was raining cats and dogs outside. Lucy was wearing her yukata when we got there, isn’t it the cutest little outfit!? Emi and Jake slipped into their yukata too, awww they were so cuuuuuute! ♥

We played with her for awhile and I was glad she was in a good mood. She even showed us some skills…yes, like throw-your-legs-in-the-air skills ;) Well, she was actually getting sleepy :) But it took her awhile before she finally decided to nap. She played around a little bit more in front of the mirror. She was so happy looking at somebody smiling back – herself!

She finally dozed off but it wasn’t too long that she was up again…Awake and happy as she can be! I love these next two shots! Emi and Jake were kissing her, then she wiped the kiss of her cheek, LOL, silly girl ;)

The rain finally stopped. Yay! And off Lucy went playing in the backyard. She had so much fun riding her swing. Emi told me that sometimes Lucy would slowly start nodding then dozing off in the swing. I can’t blame her!

Well, I hope she made you smile ;) Check out her Event Page for more photos. Take care and have a fun weekend!

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The Beauty of NOW

Happy Hump Day! I wanted to share something that I got in my inbox the other day. It’s been awhile since I posted one. I get lots of motivating and inspirational emails from the Brave Girls Club. It helps me keep going through a tough week or a lousy day. You can definitely subscribe, it’s free of course!

I thought this one hits home. I need to be reminded sometimes to slow down and take time to breathe. I do feel like I’m a machine sometimes…I just GO GO GO! True, there is happiness, beauty, and kindness everywhere. I even don’t have to look hard. Thanks friends for all your love and support and have a wonderful day!

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Weekend Shindigs with Friends

It’s another Manic Monday! ♫ So 80’s ;) I think Mondays are always just like that =) So how was your weekend!? I actually enjoyed mine. Saturday, I shot an enchanting woodsy wedding and met new friends, Bianca and Daniel from Texas. They’re so cute together ♥ Daniel is actually half-Filipino, plus points! And was Patrick’s best man. And Bianca is Daniel’s girlfriend, and is a cool budding musician, she has a Facebook and YouTube page so check her out. She’s a fashionista too. I love her outfits! ♥

Sunday, I went to my friend, Glenda’s, early birthday party. Her birthday is actually today, Happy Birthday Glenda! We just celebrated it over the weekend since everyone was free. We just had fun riding our 4wheelers, fishing, and eating our heart out on Filipino pork BBQ, some pancit noodles, grilled corn, deviled egg potato salad, and some cake ;) It was all masarap!(delicious!). That’s one Filipino word that can come useful if you want to compliment your Filipino friend’s cooking. ;)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. And I pray good things come your way this week too! :)

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Sneak Peek: Wedding ~ Patrick ♥ Erin

Ever since I first spoke with Erin I had been antsy for their special day to arrive. I get so excited for carefree whimsical weddings and what would be a better place than the Enchanted Woods here in Stillwater?! I have always wanted to photograph a woodsy wedding ♥ The day suited Patrick and Erin perfectly with a relaxed mood amidst their closest friends and family. Guests came from all over including Colorado, Texas, and Florida to attend. Anyway, before I get carried away, I have several sneak peek photos to share from yesterday’s enchanting woodsy wedding.

I love Patrick’s anxious reaction while waiting for Erin during their first glance. And yes the woods seem so magical! Thank God for trees that kept the area cool.

Love this last shot ♥ need I say more!? Happy Sunday!

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