Aaron & Rosa | Guthrie Engagement Photography

It feels so good…to be blogging an engagement session! I think I’ve been going through withdrawal, lol. My second favourite thing to shooting couples, is sharing their story and some beautiful photos of them. Oh this session has everything that I long for…a couple so madly in love, a fun location and lots of laughing. I had been looking forward to this session for some time because if you know Aaron and Rosa, you know that that you are in for a fun day with high spirits. Rosa loves everything vintage so Downtown Guthrie was the obvious choice.

a&r_001_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_002_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_003_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_004_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_005_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_006_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_007_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_008_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_009_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_010_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_011_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_012_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_013_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_014_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_015_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_016_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_017_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_018_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_019_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_020_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_021_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_022_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_023_guthrie engagement photographer

Aaron was born in Canada while Rosa was born in Indonesia. They grew up worlds apart and now find themselves happily together in Oklahoma. A strikingly similar story to our own. ♥ Oklahoma seems to be the crossroads between Canada and Asia, lol. They travelled far to be together and and have many adventures ahead. We were so happy to find a little patch of spring in the center of town. A little bit of happiness that is soon to grow and spread just like the love of these two.

a&r_024_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_025_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_026_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_027_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_028_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_029_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_030_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_031_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_032_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_033_guthrie engagement photographer

a&r_034_guthrie engagement photographer

It was so nice to see the first signs of spring and share such a pleasant afternoon with this fun couple in downtown Guthrie. There’s more photos of these two lovebirds in the slideshow on their Client Site so hop on over and make sure to hit ‘Like’ and leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the weekend!

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Feeling At Home

I will not lie. For a couple years now we’ve been chasing down Emma & Pete of Emma Case Photography to join their Welcome Home Workshop. We’ve admired their work from the beginning and have aspired to reach such rockin’ photography coupledom. So it’s been one of our greatest hopes that one day we would actually meet them in person. Finally, this year magically the stars aligned {and our schedules} and we finally could make it to the workshop. Jumping up and down the bed, we booked ourselves a spot for the London workshop, applied for a Visa, packed our bags, and flew over to see this awesome twosome. I didn’t even know if I could make it back to the US since my passport was below the required travel requirements…but who cares!?…We are going to London to see Emma and Pete and there’s no stopping us! Now we’re back and missing Emma, Pete, fellow Homies, and our London Flat every single day. I don’t think I can ever properly convey, as Emma would put it, the butterflies in our tummies, nor the friendships gained but we can at least share with you the Workshop day in photos. I still have some on film that needs to be developed and I will post them soon. But as you’ll see it was a day full of chatting, crying, dancing, learning, shooting, jumping, hugging, eating, and everything in between. The workshop was filled with light bulb moments, business discussions, finding our why’s, and bonding with the Homies. And Emma and Pete were all I ever imagined them to be…fun, kind, happy, humble, and caring people! Professional photographers who are willing to share and give to the world what they know and take everyone on their creative journey. And that is rare nowadays, sharing how they run their business and what they know, especially when there’s lot of photogs out there working their way up in the industry. So Thank you Emma & Pete! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us home. And to all the new Homies that we’ve met, you all are amazing!










































Yay! The trip was everything I imagined it could be! Emma and Pete are absolutely amazing genuine people. Be sure to take a look at their work and give them some love. {Emma Case Photography} I think the coolest thing was that they are exactly how they present themselves online. If you’ve thought about a wedding photography workshop, don’t be afraid to hop across the pond. Plus you get an awesome London trip out of it!

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Ice Skating, Records, and Braving the Cold Cold North

I’ve been to several states in the US and Chicago is definitely a fun and interesting place to visit. The last time we were here, around 5 years ago, we checked out a lot of their famous tourist attractions. But we decided to do things differently this time. We spent the weekend just enjoying the local shops, the people, and the food most of all! We had to make this trip since I needed to renew my passport and the Philippine embassy requires that we do it in person. Crazy right!? We were fortunate enough to find an awesome place to stay downtown just a block off Millenium Park. It was actually an apartment that we found through Airbnb and it was affordable, cozy, had the best location, and we had an awesome host/roommate – Josh. Yes, roommate! It was our first time to do something like this and actually it didn’t bother us and in fact we loved that we got to meet new people.


You know how much we love vinyl! So on the way to the apartment, we made a stop at Reckless Records. We bought about a dozen 45s ♥ Oh yeah! And we did fill our tummies with some Cuban food afterwards at a place called Cafecito. Their food was delicious! There was a “Lechon” on the menu, I couldn’t resist so I got it. Not like the Filipino one that I am used to but still pretty good!




Despite it being really cold and kinda windy, I was up for some ice skating lessons from Scott. He skated like a pro while I pretended I was like one. Hey, I actually thought I did pretty good since I never fell on my bum! Two weeks ago I made a random comment that I wanted to dye my hair violet and go ice skating and I actually did both. My hair is kinda violet {didn’t bleach it} and I was freezing cold and didn’t know how to ice skate but I did it anyway!





We went around the city by train a lot. I actually am used to commuting and weird enough I do miss it. We went to Wicker Park and enjoyed their local coffee at The Wormhole Coffee. The baristas were nice and the coffee and hot cocoa were delightful. We actually sneaked in our own gourmet donuts, ssshhh. We bought them at Glazed and Infused just around the corner and they were so delicious! I got a crème brûlée with vanilla bean filling and Scott got an apple fritter. Then we had a late lunch at Big Star. Josh recommended it and he surely was right when he said the place was pretty good. It was packed with people so we had to wait by the bar and enjoyed their margarita which was made pretty strong but good. It was well worth when they served us our nachos with fresh homemade guacamole and then we got yummy tacos – braised pork belly, roasted chicken, and spit roasted pork tacos! Yum yum yum. I swear these were the best tacos I’ve ever had in the States.



And yes I scouted the city for Filipino food. We found one restaurant that was highly recommended – Isla Pilipina. There was a wait again. And again the food was delicious and pretty authentic. Actually most of the people in the restaurant were Americans or Asians. Maybe only 2 tables with Filipino diners. I actually decided to take my dessert {halo-halo} to go coz I felt so bad with all the people patiently waiting for a table to open up for their turn to eat.



We also dropped by a tattoo parlor for my consultation. Yes, I am venturing out to Chicago just to get this new tattoo of mine done. I talked to Justin, the artist, about designs, colors, placement, and all and I am pretty psyched! I told him what I envisioned and he was also excited and looking forward to doing it. He will be sending me some sketches soon, I can’t wait! We also stopped by a wig store a few hours before our flight back. It was like wig heaven, seriously! And I couldn’t resist on trying one, though it’s too purple for my taste. What do you think? Below is the view from our apartment window. It was cold and snowy the whole time we were there but I loved it. Until next time Chicago!


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London’s Calling

I can’t describe the joy of shooting two people in love, all smiles and full of joy as they start their journey to happily-ever-after. Yes, weddings can be stressful at times but we’ve adjusted to this kind of life for several years now. There’s just so much craziness and love at the same time in a day. At times, I feel as if my heart would explode…in a good way! Wedding season is surely about to start in the next few months and we can’t wait to celebrate and watch our lovely couples get hitched. For now though we are grateful for this time to just have a slower pace in life wherein we get to meet new clients, finish up wedding photo books, take walks with Mumfie, go furniture shopping, stroll downtown, watch movies, and just travel. It’s good to have a breather once in awhile.


In about a month we will be traveling to the UK for a photography workshop that we’ve been dying to attend since last year! We’re seeing one of our favourite photographers in the world, Emma and Pete! We’d love to learn from them and grow our business some more. And see London! I can’t believe this is happening!!! Seriously! Our schedules just didn’t match the workshops last year, but finally, yes finally, we are so excited to be making it this year! I know already that it will be awesome! And since we’re spending a week in London, we are open to doing some shoots on the side. So if you happen to know anyone engaged, or celebrating their wedding anniversary soon, or a just-because-we-are-in-love session, then send them our way. It would be awesome to shoot some love in this city I bet. ♥


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Close to the Heart

Life has finally started slowing down here in our little world and a personal blog is long overdue. The weather has been brutal for the last few months and I’m finally seeing some sunshine here in the past few days. I have to say that my day job has been crazy with all the traveling but I’m grateful that I got to see my family last month. The 2-week visit with them surely went by so fast but hey, it’s been a very long time since us siblings have all been together at the same time. This quick iPad shot doesn’t do justice to all the happiness in that room that night.


And now I’m back home with my boys after almost a month of being gone. They are both the same crazy fellas just as I left them. I love them to pieces. Poor Scott had to keep cleaning the carpet since Mumfie enjoyed the snow too much and tends to bring in mud and wet grass.


We’ve also gotten inked starting late last year. We’ve been wanting to do it for awhile. No worries, we made sure that our tattoos are very close to our heart. People worry that you can regret it when you’re older. Well, then I guess we just won’t get older. And all I can say is that it’s kinda addictive, Lol. Stay happy! :)







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Rufei ♥ Amanda | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

Rufei and Amanda’s wedding nestled between Christmas and New Years was the perfect way to end a year of adventures, lots of love, and amazing weddings. These two are the cutest couple and it was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces. Festivities Event Center is such a fun location. It’s the original Post Office in El Reno, OK. With its eclectic old world charm, I couldn’t have picked a better venue for this feel-good wedding bringing together Chinese and Oklahoman traditions with a sprinkling of Christmas cheer on top.

r&a_001_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_002_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_003_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_004_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_005_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_006_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_007_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_008_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_009_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_010_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_011_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_012_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_013_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_014_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_015_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_016_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_017_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_018_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_019_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_020_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_021_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_022_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_023_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_024_oklahoma city wedding photographer

God certainly was smiling down on this couple because it was a surprisingly warm and pleasant day especially for the brutal winter in store for us this year. But with the warm came some wind and I just couldn’t resist taking photos in the foyer with the magnificent windows showcasing the beautiful architecture of the old building. Amanda you are such a stunning bride! Your Maggie Sottero gown was absolutely gorgeous and I loved that you spiced it up with a bold pair of red shoes. You looked regal from head to toe.

r&a_025_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_026_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_027_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_028_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_029_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_030_oklahoma city wedding photographer

Amanda was so lucky to have a family friend like Connie to put together the flowers. She did a beautiful job working in the gold accents to make truly stunning bouquets. And I was so glad that along with Chinese and Western tradations, they decided to throw in a modern one…a first look.

r&a_031_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_032_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_033_oklahoma city wedding photographer

It was so much fun watching all the Chinese traditions with Rufei’s family. One of my favourites was the door game. The morning of the wedding, the groom sets out to find the bride. To his dismay he is blocked by her friends and bridesmaids not willing to give her up. In order to win their favour he must bribe them with money placed in red envelopes.

r&a_034_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_035_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_036_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_037_oklahoma city wedding photographer

Well, as promised on the Sneak Peek, I will finish the love story of this adorable duo. Strange as it may sound at first, it was lupus that brought them together. Amanda was diagnosed at 15 and has been battling it ever since. As you can expect, she hates the disease but at the same time is mindful that it introduced her to the love her life. Rufei comes from a scholarly family and with the guidance of his physician father, pursued an MD/PHD at the University of Oklahoma. At the same time, driven by her own scholarly endeavor to fight diseases like lupus, she applied for an internship within the same program. Sparks flared but they stayed professional and true to their work. At the end of the summer Rufei took a month long trip to China and little did he know, Amanda was hit by a devastating episode. When Rufei returned, he found her in the ICU. It was at that point he started to understand his true feelings and he came back everyday to check on her and be by her side. They both admit that at the time they weren’t dating and didn’t expect that a relationship like that would blossomed. But at the end of such a trial, they found strength in one another that they never could have imagined and have been each other’s rock ever since. Hearing them tell their story is so sweet and heartwarming. I felt it truly needed to be retold to express how truly beautiful this wedding was. ♥

r&a_038_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_039_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_040_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_041_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_042_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_043_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_044_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_045_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_046_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_047_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_048_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_049_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_050_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_051_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_052_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_053_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_054_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_055_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_056_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_057_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_058_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_059_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_060_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_061_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_062_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_063_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_064_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_065_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_066_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_067_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_068_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_069_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_070_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_071_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_072_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_073_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_074_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_075_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_076_oklahoma city wedding photographer

The wedding cake almost looked too good to eat…almost. I could see the eyes of every passerby wondering if anyone would notice a missing strawberry. Luckily Rosa from Cake Decorating in Laverne had some extra dipped ones in the back for those who just couldn’t wait. Such a beautiful cake and it worked seamlessly with the Chinese decor.

r&a_077_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_078_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_079_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_080_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_081_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_082_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_083_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_084_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_085_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_086_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_087_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_088_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_089_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_090_oklahoma city wedding photographer

It was quite the spectacle watching the crowd ebb and flow throughout the night with a microphone, good music by In the Shadows Productions, and of course plenty of alcohol spicing up the night. It seemed like the circle dancing would never end, and why should it?

r&a_091_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_092_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_093_oklahoma city wedding photographer

Congrats Rufei & Amanda! It was such an amazing experience capturing these most important moments in your life. It was such a treat watching everything from the tea ceremony and to the circle song dancing all through the night. It’s an honour that you picked us to be your photographer and we loved meeting your wonderful friends and families. Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and don’t miss out on the slideshow on their Client Site for more photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

r&a_094_oklahoma city wedding photographer

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Justin & Kirsten | Tulsa Wedding Photography

It’s our first major blog of the new year and I think this one’s the perfect way to start it off. It was a very cold, wet, icy, blustery day but what I remember most from Justin and Kirsten’s wedding day was the warm and cozy feeling inside The Silo Event Center in Tulsa filled to the brim with love and support from all their family and friends. And you would never guess there was an ice storm outside with all the smiles and laughter surrounding the wedding party that morning.

j&k_001_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_002_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_003_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_004_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_005_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_006_tulsa wedding photographer

Kirsten’s Melissa Sweet wedding gown was breathtaking! I love all the lace details on the bodice and flowing down the entire skirt. And the beaded sash is an elegant touch. It just has that unexplainable special look of the perfect dress.

j&k_007_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_008_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_009_tulsa wedding photographer

Nothing calms nerves better than a hot shower and a cold drink, lol! It was definitely an eventful and hilarious morning spending time with the boys. I love their choice of light colors and cowboy boots. There choices definitely brightened up the day and steered clear of a dreary winter wedding.

j&k_010_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_011_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_012_tulsa wedding photographer

It was so much fun hanging out with the girls. They are such a kind and funny group. And the haristylists and makeup artists from Berkshire Salon did a beautiful job to make sure everyone looked their best and was ready for a big day of celebrating! Kirsten was so cool, calm, and collected. You would never guess that she graduated just one week before the wedding.

j&k_013_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_014_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_015_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_016_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_017_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_018_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_019_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_020_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_021_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_022_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_023_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_024_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_025_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_026_tulsa wedding photographer

A light rain fell throughout the morning and immediately froze as soon as it hit anything. Slowly a coating of ice formed on the ground, buildings, and every branch. It was like the sky was garnishing the world with crystals for their wedding. It was quite magical actually but Kirsten out-shined all of it. She looked absolutely gorgeous and has such a sweet smile.

j&k_027_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_028_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_029_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_030_tulsa wedding photographer

I love the light airy wintery feel of Kirsten’s and the girls’ flowers. The French Bouquet in Tulsa always does a fabulous job. And I love love Justin’s wool vest. ♥

j&k_031_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_032_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_033_tulsa wedding photographer

Justin and Kirsten both attended OSU {Justin will be graduating in May} and were members of the greek community. One year the Kappa Deltas were paired up with the Farmhouse Fraternity for homecoming and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

j&k_034_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_035_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_036_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_037_tulsa wedding photographer

One of the best parts of Kirsten’s wedding was that it took place the weekend between Christmas and New Years. I loved how the Christmas elements seamlessly mixed in with the wedding colours and details. And the holiday spirit re-emphasized the importance of family and friends which you can never have too much of at a wedding.

j&k_038_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_039_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_040_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_041_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_042_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_043_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_044_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_045_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_046_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_047_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_048_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_049_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_050_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_051_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_052_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_053_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_054_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_055_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_056_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_057_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_058_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_059_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_060_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_061_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_062_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_063_tulsa wedding photographer

Kirsten’s sister and maid of honour gave the most touching speech. It might of been my favourite part of the night!

j&k_064_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_065_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_066_tulsa wedding photographer

The wedding and grooms cake were lovingly made by a family friend. It’s touches like this that made their wedding so very special. I love that the grooms cake came complete with shotgun shells especially after hearing how Justin proposed. Justin is big into the outdoors and hunting and Kirsten is slowly getting the feel of it. Well, one day he took her out shooting and asked her to fill up his clip. When she looked for the bullet box she found a very nice box sitting next to it. When she opened it she found the ring. Justin promptly knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said ‘Yes!’ of course!

j&k_067_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_068_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_069_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_070_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_071_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_072_tulsa wedding photographer

Zach Downing, the DJ, easily kept the party rocking throughout the night! And if there was a dance-off prize, it would definitely go to this kid. He was on fire!

j&k_073_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_074_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_075_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_076_tulsa wedding photographer

j&k_077_tulsa wedding photographer

Congrats Justin & Kirsten! Your wedding just goes to show that there may be storms in our lives {literally sometimes} but everything works out with the proper attitude. You had such a beautiful wedding and it was such an honour that you picked us to be your photographer for this most important time in your lives. And It was so wonderful meeting your amazing friends and families. Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and don’t miss out on the slideshow on their Client Site for more photos. Enjoy the rest of the year!

j&k_078_tulsa wedding photographer

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Rufei ♥ Amanda | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

We couldn’t be any happier ending the year than with Rufei and Amanda’s wedding! I was so looking forward to see these two tie the knot, after all theirs is a story of undying love even in very trying times. As crazy as it sounds, it was lupus that actually brought these two hearts together, but let’s save that story for a later post. Their wedding ceremony was truly special as they incorporated some Western and Chinese traditions to celebrate their love while the warm Christmas spirit still lingered in the air.

r&a_001_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_002_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_003_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_004_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_005_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_006_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_007_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_008_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_009_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_010_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_011_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_012_oklahoma city wedding photographer

r&a_013_oklahoma city wedding photographer

Their families and closest of friends celebrated and partied the night away at The Festivities Event Center in El Reño, OK. It was such a beautiful and historic location and it was so wonderful seeing familiar faces from past weddings. Congrats Rufei and Amanda! Your wedding was so wonderful! We are so glad you picked us to capture your day! Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for their full wedding post! ♥ Happy New Year!

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A Year of Love ~ 2013

One of my favourite things about New Year’s is getting to reflect on all the memories, friends made, and even the challenges of the last 365 days. And better yet all the exciting opportunities in the coming year! This is the time of year that we take a digital and mental inventory and reset ourselves and our business for a greater better year. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that we had such a great time meeting and shooting new clients this year and I thought it would be fun to post a snapshot of this year’s work. Thank you for making us a part of this happy time in your life! And we’re so excited thinking about the upcoming weddings from our engaged couples. I hope you all had a fulfilling year and head fearlessly into the new one. Happy New Year!

year2013_001_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_002_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_003_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_004_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_005_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_006_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_007_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_008_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_009_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_010_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_011_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_012_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_013_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_014_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_015_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_016_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_017_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_018_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_019_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_020_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_021_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_022_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_023_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_024_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_025_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_026_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_027_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_028_oklahoma wedding photographer

year2013_029_oklahoma wedding photographer

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Mike & Chengcheng | Edmond Wedding Photography

Looking back over Mike and Chengcheng’s wedding for this post, it brings back so many warm memories and feelings from the day. I’m not sure whether it was experiencing one of the last warm and pleasant weekends during the short fall this year, or the love that these two precious people share for each other. But overall it was a splendid wedding, and rather than words, the photos do a much better job telling the story of their day.

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Truth be told, Chengcheng was a bit nervous for the big day and Jessica, her hairstylist at the Premier Beauty Bar of Edmond did such a fantastic job of not only giving Chengcheng a fabulous up-do but also helping calm some nerves and get the day started on a good note. It was also so much fun hanging out with Chengcheng’s bridesmaids. They are such a fun and supportive bunch of girls!

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I can’t help but laugh behind my lens when I saw Chengcheng trying to sneak up to scare Mike during their first look. These two are definitely made for each other. Did I mention how I love Chengcheng’s dress? Love that deep V cut with ruffles on the back!

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What a fun wedding party! And Tony Foss Flowers, as always, did a great job with the florals. The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Creekside Chapel in Edmond, OK where all their friends and family from different parts of the US flew in to watch them tie the knot. It was definitely a very close-knit affair.

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Oh, their cake by Sweete Connections Cakes was pretty darn cute with all the lovely crocheted icing details! It was super yummy too!

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Congrats Mike & Chengcheng! It was such an amazing experience capturing these most important moments in your life from your engagement up through your beautiful wedding. It’s an honour that you picked us to be your photographer and we loved meeting your wonderful friends and families. Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and don’t miss out on the slideshow on their Client Site for more photos. Happy Holidays!

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