The main reason we headed out to Maui, Hawaii last month was to attend a photography workshop put together by Photo Cotorie. It’s a fun talented little group of photographers made up of Dylan & Sara, Phil Chester, and Ryan Muirhead. The days started out in the cozy home of Wendy Laurel of Wendy Laurel Photography who was also a treat to meet. It was an awesome opportunity to pick everyone’s brains, get inspired, tag along on shoots, and really just bond and connect with fellow artists in an absolutely beautiful place. I think it’s important to constantly grow and be willing to change. If you are looking for a workshop to get you motivated with your photography and help you with your business, I definitely recommend you look into these guys. We made some wonderful friends along the way which may be the best part of all. Check out Photo Coterie’s website for more workshops coming up this year in Ohio and Oregon. And here’s some shots we took on our workshop days in Maui.

island workshop_001

island workshop_002

island workshop_003

island workshop_004

island workshop_005

island workshop_006

island workshop_007

island workshop_008

island workshop_009

island workshop_010

island workshop_011

island workshop_012

island workshop_013

island workshop_014

island workshop_015

island workshop_016

island workshop_017

island workshop_018

island workshop_019

island workshop_020

island workshop_021

island workshop_022

island workshop_023

island workshop_024

island workshop_025

island workshop_026

island workshop_027

island workshop_028

Fashion Model: Anna Hallsten
Engagement Models: Leo & Kylee
Elopement Models: Cadencia Photography
Stylist: Opihi Love
Hair & MUA: Ry-n Shimabuku
Dress: Salt on the Rocks
Hairpiece: Hushed Commotion

Preparing for our trip to Maui, Hawaii for a photography workshop, we discovered more than enough places to put on our to-see list. Venturing around the island, there truly is much more to Hawaii than beaches and bikinis. Here’s some of our snapshots from Haleakala Crater, Honomanu Bay, Iao Valley, Honolua Bay, Twin Falls, Makena Cove Beach and driving part of the road to Hana. Our days there were crazy and fun. In a single day you can start off shivering at the top of a 10,000 foot summit, hike through jungles in the afternoon, take a break to swim with tropical fishes, and lay on the beach in the evening eating the best shaved ice you’ve ever tasted. These are just a few of our photos taken with our fancy cams. There’s more coming soon once we get some film scans back so make sure to check back! Oh and we’ll let you in on the workshop later too. Have a lovely week everyone!

hawaii_001_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_002_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_003_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_004_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_005_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_006_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_007_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_009_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_008_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_010_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_011_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_012_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_013_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_014_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_015_hawaii wedding photographer

hawaii_016_hawaii wedding photographer