Clayton & Brittany | Ranch Engagement

Clayton wanted the proposal to be perfect and a starlit scene had been playing through his mind. It was a late night at Church and they didn’t get out ’til after dark. As soon as he stepped out of the door he noticed a clear night sky and a full moon. It was the perfect night. He convinced Brittany to get some wine and pillows and head out to a pasture to enjoy the true joy of a moonlit night. As they were looking at the stars, Clayton got down on one knee and asked Brittany to marry him. How romantic! She said Yes of course! So it was simply fitting to head back out to a pasture to capture the undeniable love these two have for each other.

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c&b_002_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_003_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_004_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_005_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_006_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_007_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_008_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_009_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_010_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_011_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_012_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_013_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_014_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_015_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_016_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_017_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_018_muskogee engagement photographer

Clayton and Brittany , taking the day to spend time with you guys out in the country was truly wonderful. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding in May. It’s coming up so fast and we’re so excited! Friends, thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of your week!

c&b_019_muskogee engagement photographer

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Clayton & Brittany | Muskogee Engagement Photographer

Sneeeeak Peeeeek! I felt so re-energized being out in the country. The sun was brighter, the air was fresher…such a beautiful day! It was truly picturesque with the old barns, rolling fields, and cows…lots of cows, LOL! Clayton is kind and a true gentleman and Brittany is a gorgeous sweet girl. They are a fun couple who fit right in with this laid back lifestyle. It was such a fun afternoon with these two who are obviously so much in love.

c&b_001_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_002_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_003_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_006_muskogee engagement photographer

c&b_004_muskogee engagement photographer

Thank you Clayton & Brittany for inviting us out to this land! Strolling around the fields with you two was truly wonderful. Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for their full post!

c&b_005_muskogee engagement photographer

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Patrick & Chandler | Arkansas Engagement Photography

The first time that we met Patrick and Chandler, a couple of months ago, was at the local gelato place in town. I couldn’t resist but notice this glow of happiness in their faces the entire time they talked about wedding plans. Instantly, we liked them so much, not just to photograph but we wished we could simply hang out with them all the time! They have this vibe where you’re just happy being around them. Both of them were witty and funny plus Chandler is so sweet while Patrick is such a romantic. I immediately got this impression while listening as Patrick excitedly described the night that he proposed. Patrick took Chandler back to the place where they first met 8 years ago, the Gaslight Theater in Enid. Outside was a marquee that read…”With all my heart, for all my life.” The theater was covered in rose petals and tea light candles. Inside there was another sign that read “This is where we started. Our sweet little story. The part where your page met mine. No matter where the tale takes us tomorrow. It’s you I want by my side.” Patrick led Chandler through the petals and candles on stage, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. She said ‘Yes!’ of course. They obviously love theater but they also both love Arkansas so much. If you’ve ever been to the Ozarks in Arkansas you would understand why. And we couldn’t be any happier to shoot their engagement session there. We got to visit Chandler’s lake house, walk around Eureka Springs, check out historic old towns, a century old mill, visit a gorgeous lake, and experience the area’s beautiful scenery. We had a relaxing shoot with them and just really enjoyed our afternoon. It was pretty in the winter so I can only imagine its beauty in the other seasons. We actually can’t wait to visit Eureka Springs again.

p&c_001_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_002_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_003_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_004_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_005_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_006_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_007_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_008_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_009_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_010_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_011_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_012_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_013_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_014_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_015_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_016_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_017_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_018_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_019_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_020_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_021_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_022_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_023_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_024_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_025_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_026_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_027_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_028_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_029_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_030_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_031_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_032_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_033_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_034_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_035_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_036_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_037_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_038_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_039_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_040_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_041_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_042_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_043_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_044_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_045_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_046_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_047_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_048_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_049_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_050_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_051_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_052_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_053_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_054_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_055_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_056_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_057_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_058_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_059_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_060_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_061_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_062_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_063_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_064_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_065_arkansas engagement photographer

Patrick and Chandler, the trip to Arkansas and photographing you guys is something we will never forget. We can’t wait to shoot your wedding later in the fall this year! And we are over the moon happy for you two! Friends, thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Enjoy the rest of your week!

p&c_066_arkansas engagement photographer

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Pauline | Oklahoma Maternity Photography

We love shooting kind & loving couples. Our good friends Mike and Pau are two of the most kind-hearted people we know and with a third little one on it’s way {very very soon!}, it seemed like the perfect time to capture this very special time in their lives. Pauline is a beautiful, sweet, creative, and talented girl. We’re always finding excuses to drop by their house because she’s just so much fun to hang around with. And with her kind words, I feel more at home and miss it less. With all the preparations for the baby, her creativity has really shined. She spent lots of time and care making the room Baby Polo will grow up in, a calm and inspiring retreat. She painted the world map mural on the wall by hand. She re-purposed a dresser as a changing table with real maps. She created custom canvas art pieces. You can see all the love that went into the room but most of all you can see the love on her face. And of course, we can’t forget about Polo’s dad, Mike. Pauline couldn’t have found a better husband and father. He is very handy and an overall gentle soul. They are obviously so much in love. ♥

pauline_001_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_002_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_003_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_004_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_005_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_006_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_007_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_008_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_009_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_010_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_011_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_012_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_013_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_014_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_015_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_016_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_017_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_018_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_019_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_020_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_021_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_022_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_023_oklahoma maternity photographer

pauline_024_oklahoma maternity photographer

Pau has an Etsy store that showcases her creative side. She hand paints sonograms on canvas which I think is pretty cool! Visit her shop at Babypolo on Etsy. Congrats Mike and Pau! It’s been wonderful getting to know you guys better over the last while. We can’t wait to finally meet Polo! And we’ll have more excuses to take photos of your wonderful family. Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}!

pauline_025_oklahoma maternity photographer

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Patrick & Chandler | Arkansas Engagement Photography

Sneeeeak Peeeeek! The air was fresher, the trees were taller, the water was clearer…this weekend reminded me of how beautiful the world can be even in winter. The lake and woods surrounding Eureka Springs, Arkansas are magnificent but it was Patrick and Chandler’s laughing, stolen kisses, and genuine care for one another that made my heart melt. I really really love these two. This past weekend was the best little adventure I could ever have asked for.

p&c_001_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_002_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_004_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_003_arkansas engagement photographer

p&c_005_arkansas engagement photographer

Congrats Patrick and Chandler! Exploring Arkansas with you guys, getting to know you better, and capturing your love was very special. We can’t think of a better way to start off our year! Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for their full post!

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Nick ♥ Kaci | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

What I remember most from Nick & Kaci’s wedding was their personalities. These two are like two hilarious peas in a pod. I love how everything was very “them” and they just went with the flow. They are a kind laid-back couple that everyone can get along with. For the wedding day, I love how they drew on the resources of their friends and family, focused on what was important to them, and put it all together with some DIY touches. The whole day was light and funny and a total blast because they had the best attitudes and an awesome group of friends. Another thing I totally fell in love with was Kaci’s flowing Maggie Sottero gown. ♥

n&k_001_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_002_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_003_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_004_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_005_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_006_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_007_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_008_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_009_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_010_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_011_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_012_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_013_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_014_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_015_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_016_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_017_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_018_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_019_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_020_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_021_oklahoma wedding photographer

I love the small town charm of Blackwell, OK and we all thought it would be fun to have their first glance and shots taken at the co-op in the center of town. It was cold and misty but the excitement of the day and the jocular wedding party warmed up everyone’s spirit. Kaci’s bouquet made by Johnie Decker, a family friend, was so colourful and fun. A few rings owned by Kaci’s loved ones who passed away were thoughtfully tied to her bouquet.

n&k_022_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_023_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_024_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_025_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_026_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_027_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_028_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_029_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_030_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_031_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_032_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_033_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_034_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_035_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_036_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_037_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_038_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_039_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_040_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_041_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_042_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_043_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_044_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_045_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_046_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_047_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_048_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_049_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_050_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_051_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_052_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_053_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_054_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_055_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_056_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_057_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_058_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_059_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_060_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_061_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_062_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_063_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_064_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_065_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_066_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_067_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_068_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_069_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_070_oklahoma wedding photographer

The night was filled with dancing, laughing, all you can eat tacos, singing, a hot cocoa bar, a delicious cake courtesy of Sonja Honegger, heartfelt toasts, impromptu ballads by one of the unforgettable groomsman, interpretive dancing, lots of hugs and tears and everything in between. It was an amazing night for an even more amazing couple.

n&k_071_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_072_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_073_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_074_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_075_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_076_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_077_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_078_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_079_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_080_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_081_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_082_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_083_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_084_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_085_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_086_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_087_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_088_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_089_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_090_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_091_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_092_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_093_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_094_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_095_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_096_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_097_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_098_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_099_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_100_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_101_oklahoma wedding photographer

n&k_102_oklahoma wedding photographer

Congrats Nick & Kaci! You two are so perfect together and we wish you a long and happy life filled with many adventures and opportunities. It was wonderful meeting your friends and family. Everyone was so kind, caring, and a joy to be with. Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. A great start to a New Year!

n&k_103_oklahoma wedding photographer

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Zach ♥ Lauren | Tulsa Wedding Photography

I know it’s Christmas Day but we are so excited to share these photos! Today is such a happy day just like Zach and Lauren’s wedding, so posting seems like the perfect thing to do. :) I love these two and we feel like we’re good friends now since shooting their engagement, Lauren’s bridals and finally their marvelous wedding day. And they are definitely a couple we’d be friends with. They are so genuine and kind. They have an attention for detail but know when to just sit back and just enjoy life a bit. They love Tulsa…the history and architecture of the city. They like the vibe of the downtown and surrounding districts. Their special day started and ended at the Campbell Hotel and Event Center. But before the formal events took off, the wedding party and close family jumped aboard the trolley to head downtown to capture the Tulsa urban landscape that they love.

z&l_001_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_002_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_003_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_004_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_005_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_006_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_007_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_008_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_009_tulsa wedding photographer

It was such a fun group of guys and gals to hang out with in the morning. I can’t decide which I like better, Lauren’s elegant Badgley Mischka shoes or Zach’s stylin’ chucks. ♥ And thanks to Brittany Gillespie of Lather Salon and Rachel Newton of MAC Cosmetics who helped Lauren’s beauty shine. And Starla Harrison of Stunning by Starla for helping with makeup for the rest of the girls.

z&l_010_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_011_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_012_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_013_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_014_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_015_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_016_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_017_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_018_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_019_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_020_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_021_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_022_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_023_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_024_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_025_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_026_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_027_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_028_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_029_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_030_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_031_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_032_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_033_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_034_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_035_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_036_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_037_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_038_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_039_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_040_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_041_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_042_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_043_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_044_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_045_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_046_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_047_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_048_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_049_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_050_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_051_tulsa wedding photographer

The bouquets by The French Bouquet were beautiful as always. The soft pink and white accented the elegant grays and urban feel of the wedding perfectly. And we really lucked out with the weather. It was cold and rainy every day up to the wedding but we ended up enjoying a warmer autumn day downtown. It was one of those days that was meant to be.

z&l_052_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_053_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_054_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_055_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_056_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_057_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_058_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_059_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_060_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_061_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_062_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_063_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_064_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_065_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_066_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_067_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_068_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_069_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_070_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_071_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_072_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_073_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_074_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_075_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_076_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_077_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_078_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_079_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_080_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_081_tulsa wedding photographer

The ceremony and reception was a lovely celebration and a stellar party to never forget. Strings of lights across the ceiling gave a soft glow to the room and highlighted the historic feeling of the building and area. Everything appeared to glow and shimmer. There was a delicious sit down dinner catered by Maxxwell’s Restaurant next door. It was a nice evening filled with lots of dancing and laughter thanks to Banks Entertainment and an actual photobooth. And of course you can’t forget to mention the wedding cake by Ludger’s Bavarian Cakery. Yes, it was pretty but moreover it was sooooo delicious!

z&l_082_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_083_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_084_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_085_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_086_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_087_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_088_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_089_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_090_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_091_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_092_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_093_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_094_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_095_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_096_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_097_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_098_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_099_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_100_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_101_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_102_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_103_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_104_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_105_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_106_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_107_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_108_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_109_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_110_tulsa wedding photographer

z&l_111_tulsa wedding photographer

Congrats Zach & Lauren! It was such an exciting day with the beautiful weather, even more beautiful couple, and fun wedding party. It was wonderful meeting your friends and family. Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. Merry Christmas!

z&l_112_tulsa wedding photographer

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Nick ♥ Kaci | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

Sneeeeak Peeeeek! Nick and Kaci’s wedding was crazy fun. We were in the small Oklahoma town of Blackwell. It was foggy, misty, chilly, and even spitting rain a little bit. But we were all, wedding party and all, out in the middle of town messing around by the ginormous landmark grain bins and old co-op buildings. These two are awesome! Nick is always cool and calm. Kaci in a trusty pair of cowboy boots just picked up here dress and was up for anything. This couple is the nicest, funniest pair and I can tell they will go far together.

n&k_001_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_002_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_003_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_004_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_005_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_006_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_007_blackwell wedding photographer

n&k_008_blackwell wedding photographer

Congrats Nick and Kaci! It was a total blast seeing you two again. And it was wonderful getting to meet all your friends and family. Thank you all for stopping by. Make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments} and be sure to stop back in a couple weeks for their full wedding post!

n&k_009_blackwell wedding photographer

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Lauren | Tulsa Bridal Photography

I’m so excited to share with you Lauren’s bridal session! We love Lauren’s beautiful Moonlight Tango wedding dress and The French Bouquet Tulsa did a splendid job with her bouquet. Brittany Gillespie of Lather salon and Rachel Newton of MAC prettied her up that day! She looked so gorgeous! We had so much fun shooting her bridals despite the crazy windy fall day that it was. Knowing Lauren, that didn’t bother her a bit and she was happy and enjoying her time with us. Oh I love this first shot, it’s actually a test shot…she looks super chic! You’re so stunning Lauren! ♥

lauren_001_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_002_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_003_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_004_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_006_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_007_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_005_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_008_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_009_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_010_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_011_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_021_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_022_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_012_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_013_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_023_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_014_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_015_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_016_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_017_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_018_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_019_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_020_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_024_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_026_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_025_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_027_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_028_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_029_tulsa bridal photographer

lauren_030_tulsa bridal photographer

Thank you all for stopping by and make sure to hit ‘Like’ or leave some Love {aka comments}. And be sure to check back for their wedding post. Have a stellar week everyone!

lauren_031_tulsa bridal photographer

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The Marvicsin Family | Stillwater Lifestyle Photography

If you follow our blog and Facebook you will notice that we limit the number of families we shoot. It’s mainly because of the time needed to give our wedding couples the attention they deserve. But when Yami called me she wouldn’t take a simple “No” LOL and I’m glad she didn’t. The fam recently moved to town from Puerto Rico and they really wanted some ‘just because’ photos. The more we talked the more I realized we have similar sensibilities and passions. They shared their love of bands like Angus and Julia which I adore and traditional Puerto Rican dishes that remind me of my own home. It was at this point that we couldn’t say “No” anymore. We took some shots and captured some everyday love and made some new friends.

marvicsin_001_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_002_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_003_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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marvicsin_016_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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marvicsin_018_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_019_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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marvicsin_021_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_022_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_023_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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marvicsin_025_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_026_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_027_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_028_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_029_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_030_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_031_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_032_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_033_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_034_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_035_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_036_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_037_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_038_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_039_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_040_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_041_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_042_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_043_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_044_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_045_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_046_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_047_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_048_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_049_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_050_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_051_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_052_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_053_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_054_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_055_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_056_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_057_stillwater lifestyle photographer

marvicsin_058_stillwater lifestyle photographer

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