Jeremy & Sophie | Downtown Antiquing Lifestyle Session

Happy Black Friday folks! We have a really fun Just Because session to share with y’all and help get your mind off the shopping madness! We recently met up with the adorable couple Jeremy and Sophie at an antique shop downtown because they love antiquing and then hopped on over to the OSU campus to snap some more shots.

The summer after Sophie’s freshmen year, her friend brought her to some dance lessons she was taking at a studio in downtown Tulsa. The dance instructor was none other than…Jeremy. I think there is a movie in this love story somewhere, LOL. A couple lessons later and they were inseparable the rest of the summer. When the summer came to a close, they went their separate ways, but their feelings for each other didn’t. Six months later, missing Sophie, Jeremy gave her a call and their friendship was renewed. Then on New Year’s Eve, they officially became a couple! ♥ So sweet…I love stories like theirs.

Jeremy and Sophie were so much fun in the antique store! These two are definitely the adventurous sort. They love road trips, and amusement parks, and sky diving!

Sophie will be graduating with two degrees and Jeremy with an associates degree in May. At which point they plan on journeying together to a new location. Where they move will depend upon which school Sophie picks for her Masters. I’m sure wherever they end up they will be so happy together!

Isn’t Sophie so pretty?! And she’s smart too! Sophie wanted some photos of her and Jeremy together but she also wanted some portrait shots in celebration of all her hard work! And she deserves it! Not only is she getting two degrees but she will be graduating Magna Cum Laude and is a member of several honor societies. How freaking cool and smart right!?

It was so much fun browsing the antique shop and strolling around campus with these two lovebirds. ♥ Be sure to check out more fun photos of Jeremy & Sophie in the slideshow on their Client Site. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!