Chris & Sarah | Lakeside Canoe Engagement

Happy Monday folks and don’t fret! We have an amazing e-session post to take those Monday blues away! This is one of my favourite times of the year for engagement photos because I love the glow of the November sun and you can almost feel the love in the air. We met Chris & Sarah on the OSU campus for some formal photos since Sarah is an alumni and Chris will be graduating very soon and then headed to a private lake to capture their love of the outdoors and…canoeing! So make sure you scroll to the bottom because you are in for a real treat! ♥

Chris and Sarah had known of each other for many years but their paths never properly crossed. Sarah had even gone backpacking and canoeing several times with Chris’ mom and little sister. It wasn’t until they both happened to attend National Camp School together that their fates would intertwine. They worked together for the rest of that summer at a Boy Scout camp, Sarah as the Pool Director and Chris as the Whitewater Kayaking Director, and have been inseparable ever since!

Sarah had always wanted a sapphire engagement ring and found the perfect ring one day while browsing with Chris. So she figured out he had bought the ring but Chris wanted it to be a surprise. So he hid it until he thought enough time had passed that she had forgotten about it. A few month later, Sarah was getting out of the shower and found the room aglow with candles. I’m sure she was surprised! It was at that moment that Chris asked Sarah to marry him. She said yes of course!

I can totally understand why Sarah wanted a white sapphire ring. It’s beautiful! And this next photo is my favourite! It truly shows how beautiful and carefree it was boating around that shimmering pond! ♥!

Next month these two lovebirds are actually jaunted off to Jamaica for a destination wedding! How fun! I’m a bit jealous, LOL, but I’m so happy for these two. I can tell that they are going to be so happy together!

We loved hanging out with these two because they’re so easy going and fun to shoot. ♥ Don’t miss out on more sweet photos of Chris & Sarah paddling around this golden pond. So head on over to the slideshow on their Client Site and enjoy the rest of your week {and a short one at that for our American friends!}!