Happy Birthday Mortal Muses!

Mortal Muses just turned 1 year old this past Monday! Yay! I can’t believe it’s been a year!? I remember submitting the photo below for the “Stay Cool” theme. The top one is Tammy’s {Mortal Muses founder} stay cool photo. She was featuring some more stay cool shots on her blog too with her popsicle eating doggies. I remembered the day being soooo hot and yes I used my favorite muse to get the stay cool shot. Luckily he likes snow cones a lot, so he didn’t really complain. ;) This lovely community has definitely helped me a lot to be more creative and has pushed me harder to grow and think out of the box to get cool shots. Thank you Mortal Muses and happy birthday! ♥

I can’t help but be happy for the wonderful muses and the group itself. There is lots of talent out there…from one photo to another! You meet these people online and they give their heart to their work and for the love of photography. You can easily tell by all the beautiful photos that they’ve captured! So don’t forget to drop by their site after reading this post and wish them a happy 1 year! There’s a lot of changes going on. Mommy Muse Tammy is off for another adventure and will be watching from the sidelines now while new Queen Muse, Kirstin will take over. She’s pretty talented and cool too, trust me! Well, go on and drop by and have an awesome Wednesday!

  • July 27, 2011 - 9:32 pm

    Ashley Sisk - Thanks for the birthday wishes – there’s a lot of excitement happening with the muses right now!